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Ordering labels

When ordering pantry labels is Plain Flour or Self Raising Flour one label or two?

Do you make custom pantry labels?

If I order a 10 pack of labels or 20 pack etc will I get 10 of the same label?

How do I let you know what labels I want?

Ordering different labels you are unable to see listed on the website?

I want to order a green tea label but I can't see it listed?

I want a different font in the shampoo labels or the hand wash labels?


Do you ship internationally?

My order has been dispatched, how long will it be until I receive my order?

How much is Shipping?

Turnaround and wait times

I've placed my order, how long will it take to receive?

Information on your labels

What are the labels made from and how long will they last?

What can I apply my labels to?

Returns and Exchange Policy and Changes to your order

What is your return policy?

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

Applying & Troubleshooting your labels & Troubleshooting

How to apply your labels

Im having trouble applying my labels what do I do next?


Id love you to sell my product do you buy wholesale from other businesses?

Do you wholesale your products?

Afterpay & Payment Methods

What is Afterpay?

What is Zip Pay?

What is Laybuy?

What payment methods do you accept?

Afterpay keeps directing me back to the cart?