As featured on Today Tonight - From Great Beginnings our Pantry Labels

It was such a huge honour to have my labels featured in the lovely Iryna From Great Beginnings pantry on Today tonight yesterday. I have to say they got some amazing shot of the pantry and my labels. These have become so popular I have had to create a listing for customers to help recreate the look. If you want to purchase some of these labels for your own pantry you can shop the look here. From Great Beginnings Pantry Labels. Just remember that these are an additional price than our regular label due to the extra brackets being harder work in our cutting process. If these aren't in your budget there is other labels you can use to recreate the same look without the brackets for a cheaper alternative. They will still look amazing! The font used is option 10 if you want the same font style. Pretty Little Designs

If you want to watch a video of the gorgeous pastel pantry I will upload it within the next few days. 

Enjoy and make sure you pop over and check out all the wonderful things Iryna has on her Blog here. From Great Beginnings 

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