5 Christmas Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

What do you remember the most when you think about the holidays you enjoyed while growing up? Those amazing family Christmas Eve traditions seem to last long in our childhood memories. Do you too want to start some Christmas traditions and add magic to every holiday season for your family? Here are some fun and unique Christmas holiday traditions to start with your family this year.

5 Christmas Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

1. The Santa Sack Tradition

The Santa Sack Tradition

If you want your kids in your family to learn generosity and kindness from a young age, nothing beats starting a Santa sack tradition. Not just that, this will also help reduce the clutter in your home.

Simply have them go through their old books and toys and let them choose what items they would like to give away. Put all of those items in a big sack and have them leave it under the tree for Santa to pick it up when he comes to drops off their brand new Christmas presents.

You can make it even better with Personalised Santa Sacks! With plenty of designs to choose from, these large sized bags make storing Christmas presents fun!

2. Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes Tradition

Christmas Eve boxes are a modern tradition that’s here to stay! Though there is no single right way to decorate and fill your Christmas Eve boxes, here are some ideas that will help you start this Christmas Eve tradition this year.

Get a box or crate from a nearby retail store and line it with festive wrapping paper. To place a personalised design on the box, get a Personalised Christmas Eve Box / Crate Decal. You may also use wrapping paper, stencils, or glitter to make it look even better. And don’t forget to fill up your Christmas Eve box with Christmas books (or movies), slippers, pajamas, soft toys, and some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

3. Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

Start your very own modern Christmas Elf tradition to add some fun and magic to your family’s holiday celebrations year after year. As the story goes, Christmas Elves are good at watching your children’s behaviour and reporting it back to Santa. They even carry the Letters to Santa to the North Pole, which is yet another Christmas tradition you can start if not done already. If you were wondering where do you find those Elves, you can get them here.

4. Santa Key Tradition

Santa Key Tradition

Have your kids ever asked how does Santa sneak into the house when you don’t even have a fireplace for him to climb down through? For modern homes, here’s a modern Christmas tradition that will let you quench your kids’ curiosity. Get a Santa Magic key  and leave it hanging on your front door. It’s not just a nice way to show off the magic of the season to your guests but it also helps answer those tough questions from your kids!

5. Food for Santa and his Reindeer

Food for Santa and his Reindeer

You’ve probably heard of leaving cookies and milk for Santa and his team, but why should you leave out his Reindeer from the equation? Here’s a fun tradition to start with your kids by putting Santa's Cookies and Milk along with some food for Santa’s Reindeer too. If you can’t think of anything to leave as food for Reindeers, here’s a little hint: they love carrots! And if you were wondering what’s a nice way to start this tradition, here’s something you can get to decorate the plates that you leave for them on the Christmas Eve.

Now that you know of these Christmas Holiday Traditions, why don’t you start a few of them and see which ones are appreciated by your family and friends. The Christmas traditions you start will make the memories of every festive season last a lifetime. At least, it will give you and your kids something to do for the Christmas Eve and spread the magic around! So, what are you waiting for? Get all the things you need to start these Christmas traditions and make this one last forever in your memories!
Happy holidays!

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