Bamboo jars, shelves, and trays – oh my! 

Get ready for the return of our most popular material for kitchen and pantry items in Australia! 

Bamboo has become one of the most sought-after designs for those looking to revitalise and organise their kitchen and bathroom environments. Free of plastic and equipped with airtight lids, bamboo storage containers, for example, are not only good for your pantry but the planet, too. With their natural durability and sustainability, as well as their inherent antibacterial properties, our customers around the country have been excited to include bamboo glass jars, shelves, trays, and an array of other products as part of their most frequently used homewares. 

Unfortunately, due to delays connected to COVID-19, our selection of bamboo products at Pretty Little Designs was significantly reduced, but we are now delighted to announce that not only have we restocked our exceptional range, we’re also offering a new 15% discount to celebrate! 

Our Complete Range of Bamboo Shelf, Tray & Jar Options

Our complete bamboo range has everything you could ever need when organising your home. Shake up your average container collection and enjoy the beautiful sight of a clean, ordered layout with our variety of bamboo food storage containers, glass jars, accessories, and much more! Enjoy the best non-toxic designs, with removable silicone seals to keep your kitchen cleaner and your ingredients lasting longer. From stylish bamboo shelf units to the smallest spice jars with bamboo lids, our collection of product options caters to all needs.


Bamboo Jars & Storage Containers

Achieve a pantry that is both functional and easy on the eyes with our gorgeous selection of bamboo jars and storage containers. One of the best ways to kickstart a pantry makeover, these products provide an effective organisational system so that you can enjoy your kitchen like never before. Begin your organisational journey today or simply add to your collection with our variety of individual products and sets. With a selection of black and natural bamboo glass jars, glass canisters with bamboo lids, spice jars, storage containers, and much more, you can tailor your purchase to best suit your home décor. 

Bamboo Pantry Shelf Units

Looking for the perfect slatted shelf with doors to complete your pantry look? Discover the advantages of our bamboo pantry shelf units for your kitchen today. Stylish and practical, these products help you make the most of the space you have, carefully organising and optimising your pantry so that you can find anything you need quickly and efficiently. From our 1-Tier Rectangular Shelf designs to our Bamboo Collapsible Shelf options, we have a style ready to suit any function and capacity, taking the stress out of pantry organisation and leaving you to better enjoy your space.  

Bamboo Trays

A chic and functional addition to any pantry or kitchen space is the humble bamboo tray. Ideal for helping organise and arrange everything from glass containers, bottles, and jars, our range of square and round bamboo tray designs will speak to anyone looking for a clean, streamlined aesthetic. Available in a natural or black bamboo finish, our bamboo trays fit seamlessly into any pantry set-up. 


Bamboo Pantry Accessories

Who doesn’t enjoy indulging in some quality bamboo pantry accessories to keep your kitchen working smoothly and looking amazing? From our simple Bamboo Herb & Spices spoons to our Beechwood Scoops, at Pretty Little Designs, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect product to enhance the way you use your pantry. Bamboo Tags, bamboo trays, and even bamboo lotion pumps are all simple and effective ways to better organise your pantry, all while enjoying the natural look of bamboo. Pair these versatile accessories with any of our selection of products, like glass jars and canisters with bamboo lids, to enjoy the ultimate kitchen experience. 


If you’re as excited as we are about our returning bamboo range at Pretty Little Designs, don’t wait a moment longer to take advantage of our offer of 15% off on all bamboo products. Simply visit us online and enter the discount code BAMBOO15 at the checkout ready to enjoy your purchase for a limited time only!

For more information about our great offers and selection of products, feel free to contact us at PLD or visit us in-store at Unit 2, 65 Reserve Drive, Mandurah today. 

Deanna Foster