Eco-Friendly Labels: Why Material Matters

Sustainability is the talk of the town in the packaging industry. Every aspect should be considered when we discuss sustainable packaging solutions. Truly sustainable means every part of the packaging to be environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly Labels

Many think that recycling is the only sustainability, but sustainability has a lot more than just talked about. Many brands are moving towards sustainability taking consumer needs and environment preservation together.

As a beginner, you can take help of your label vendor and discuss how you can get eco-friendly labels for your products. As someone who knows the industry, I would suggest you to

  • Use lightweight material
  • More recyclable content
  • Pick material from renewable sources
  • Use environmentally friendly ink
  • Use a paper label that can be disposed of quickly

Here are some eco-friendly options which you can consider while picking your labels. When reducing waste with improved productivity is the ultimate goal, these options can help you achieve it.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified

FSC is a non-profit global organization committed to forest management. FSC certified labels are those paper labels that come from the forests where those trees are grown, which makes less impact on the environment. So, always go for FSC certified labels.

Adhesives Which can be Washed Off

As eco-conscious organizations are stepping in, adhesives used to defile the by-product are not considered. Now labels use those adhesives which can be pulled out easily, allowing the product to recycle. You can notice the labels coming out if kept in water. It is because of these eco-friendly adhesives.

Low Impact Inks and Coatings

Inks and coatings play a considerable role in bringing the label to life. With the help of ink and coatings, customers can see important information displayed on it. But, petroleum and solvent-based inks can harm the environment, compromising with sustainability.

It is better to use soy and vegetable ink for labels to preserve the environment. This ink does not seep into recycling streams.

Label Liners

As liners use silicon coating, it cannot be recycled using conventional methods. Once the label is removed, it is added to waste. Therefore, many manufacturers are trying to make thin liners which take less energy, less expensive and low waste.

Environmentally suppliers are trying to come up with more methods which include avoiding silicon coating for liners so that they can be recycled.

Recycled Content

You can also ask your label printer to provide you with a paper label - made from post-/pre- consumer waste products. These labels are completely recycled and have a good texture, colour and material. Besides that, it also helps in saving the environment and promotes recycling of paper labels.


Compostable packaging is preferable nowadays keeping the environment in mind. With the increase in demand, some adhesive and face stocks can be a part of it. As sustainability information can sometimes play a significant role, using pressure-sensitive adhesive can be a good option.

The above options we discussed can reduce your label waste and keep your eco-friendly customers happy.

How Can Pretty Little Design Help You?

Pretty Little Design has a vast variety of eco-friendly labels. We take sustainability issues seriously. Consumers who love eco-friendly products, we are here to help you. Earth’s resources are precious, and we can lessen the burden by using the right material and providing the best to our clients. 

So, you can make Pretty Little Designs your partner in this eco-friendly programme. We do not use animal products, so our labels are suitable for vegans and vegan businesses too.

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