When organising the kitchen or pantry, we look for storage jars that are sturdy, beautiful, made with durable materials, match the space style, preserve the freshness of food and lessen the chaos. But it is a challenge to find the perfect storage jars that have & does it all.

Bamboo Storage Jars for Organisation!

Don’t worry. Our collection of bamboo storage jars is sure to solve & serve everything. Made from excellent & eco-friendly kitchenware material, bamboo, our storage jars are durable, lightweight, and eye candy. These storage jars with bamboo lids are sure to make a gorgeous addition to your pantry.

Wide Variety of Bamboo Lid Jars

From small bamboo spice jars to large bamboo storage jars, we have a practical solution to store every pantry staple. Not just attractive, our clear bamboo storage containers are airtight and antibacterial. Each jar has an airtight silicone seal that prevents moisture or other elements from entering the jar.
Our bamboo food storage jars are sure to keep your ingredients fresh, and pantry organised! Here are some from our collection:
  1. PLD Glass Natural Bamboo Storage Jars: For storing pasta, baking supplies, and everything in between, these see-through storage jars contrasted with natural bamboo lid make it easy to see what is inside.
  2. PLD Natural Bamboo Glass Tea, Coffee, Sugar Jars: We have a separate jar range for the most common kitchen ingredients on the countertop.
  3. PLD Natural Bamboo Glass Herb & Spice Jars: Storing your spices and herbs in these bamboo jars will help preserve their aroma and flavour for a long time.
  4. PLD Glass Natural Bamboo Storage Jar with string lid 3.5L: You can easily store your bulk staples in these large storage jars with a wide opening.
Our bamboo storage jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can order these jars individually or in a set if you wish to transform your entire pantry.

Bamboo Kitchen Storage at Pretty Little Designs

Apart from bamboo storage jars, we offer various other bamboo assortments for your pantry or kitchen storage. Like a beautiful Lazy Susan, a space saver Collapsible Bamboo Shelf, a Bamboo Caddy, Bamboo Herb and Spices Spoons, and much more. Just as unique these looks, as uniquely these help in kitchen and pantry storage.