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Reusable Trolley Bags - Set Of 4

Trolley Bags - Set of 4 - Reusable Bags

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Are you ready for the plastic ban in Australia? These completely reusable trolley bags are the easy way to do your shopping while saying goodbye to plastic at the same time. 

The 4 bags are colour coded allowing you to pack your items with ease and one also is used for a cooler bag. Keeping all your times chilled at the same time. 

Red Bag measures - 53cm x 26cm x 50cm

Green Bag - 41cm x 20cm x 50cm 

Orange Bag - 49cm x 23cm x 42cm 

Blue Cooler Bag - 35cm x 20cm 42cm

So cut your shopping and packing in half today and pick up a set of 4 trolleys bags today. 


  • Reusable and eco friendly
  • Can be folded away for easy storage and attached to the trolley
  • 4 colour coded Bags (1 Cooler bag) 
  • Strong and durable
  • Machine Washable




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