Spice Jar Label Packs - Daisy - Mint

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No more searching for your herbs and spices. Help keep your spices organised and easy to find when you’re busy with cooking. 

Size: 4cm round 

List of labels: Listed below

Labels are not pre designed and can not be not be customised. 

Different to our regular labels these spice jar labels are printed onto a waterproof vinyl. The set has 99 spice labels in total. They are 4cm round in size. There is a few blank ones in the pack just incase there is something else you need to add that ist included. We have you covered.



Coriander Leaves

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Rosemary Ground

Babas Curry Powder

Coriander Seeds

Lemon Thyme

Rosemary Leaves

Babas Meat Curry

Cumin Seeds


Sa ron Powder

Barbecue Seasoning

Curry Powder

Madras Curry Powder

Sa ron Strands





Basil Ground


Mexican Chilli Powder

Salt Flakes

Basil Leaves

Fennel Seeds

Mexican Seasoning

Sea Salt

Bay Leaves


Mexican Spice

Sesame Seeds

Beef Stock

Garam Masala

Middle Eastern Seasoning

Seven Spice

Black Mustard Seeds

Garlic Flakes

Mild Curry Powder

Smoked Paprika

Black Pepper

Garlic Granules


Spaghetti Bolognese Spice

Bouquet Garni

Garlic Powder

Mixed Herbs

Spice Mix


Garlic Salt

Mixed Spice

Sriracha Seasoning


Greek Seasoning

Moroccan Seasoning

Star Anise

Cardamom Pods

Ground Cardamom

Mustard Powder

Steak Seasoning

Cardamom Seeds

Ground Cloves

Mustard Seeds


Cayenne Pepper

Ground Coriander

Nigella Seeds

Sweet Paprika

Celery Salt

Ground Cumin


Szechuan Pepper

Celery Seeds

Ground Ginger

Onion Flakes

Taco Seasoning


Ground Nutmeg

Onion Powder


Chia Seeds

Ground Paprika

Onion Salt

Thai Basil

Chicken Salt

Guar Gum

Onion Seeds


Chicken Seasoning

Harissa Middle Eastern

Oregano Ground

Tikka Curry Powder

Chicken Stock

Herb & Garlic Seasoning

Oregano Leaves


Chilli Flakes

Himalayan Pink Salt


Tuscan Seasoning

Chilli Powder

Hot Paprika

Pepper Steak Seasoning

Vanilla Beans

Chinese Five Spice

Italian Herbs


Vanilla Pods

Chipotle Seasoning

Italian Seasoning

Pickling Spice

Vanilla Powder


Juniper Berries

Pizza Topper

Vanilla Sugar


Ka r Lime Leaves

Poppy Seeds

Vegetable Stock

Cinnamon Sticks

Lamb Herbs

Roast Chicken Seasoning

White Pepper

Cinnamon Sugar

Lemon Grass

Roast Vegetable

Whole Chilli


Lemon Myrtle


Whole Cloves

Pretty Little Designs creates each of your vinyl custom labels, with love, just for you. Please allow 2 weeks for your item to be shipped.

Our pantry labels are made with a semi permanent vinyl. The process is to firstly design on the computer, after it is designed a machine cuts the labels. Once the machine has completed the cut, the excess vinyl is removed and weeded out by hand and a transfer tape is applied for you to install your label. As you can see there is a lot of time involved into making your label. These decals are waterproof but we strongly recommend hand washing these items.


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