PLD Pantry Container Set - 1.7L

PLD Pantry Container Set - 1.7L

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In order to build a space saver kitchen pantry, it’s essential that you realize the potential of having a good container system in place. That way you can store everything in the right kind of containers. Our PLD Airtight pantry containers are a great addition to your pantry. Don’t forget to label them - it’s only going to make your life so much easier! You can buy your labels here.



Our PLD pantry container pack is ideal to stack securely for a space efficient solution for food storage in your pantry or kitchen cabinets. The lock lid mechanism means when the lock is closed, the silicone seal applies uniform pressure. When opened, the seal releases and the top is easily removed,  preserving the freshness of all your dry food staples.

Labels sold separately. - Order labels here

Key Features

  • Size - 1.7L - 13.2 x 9.7 x 23.4cm

  • Cleaning and care - Dishwasher safe - we recommend hand washing the lids.

  • High Quality - BPA-free and durable plastic canister
  • Air tight - Lock Lid mechanism keeps the seal locked down for freshness of all your dry goods.
  • Stackable -  Stack securely for a space efficient solution in your pantry.



Pantry containers will be shipped in 3-5 working days unless ordered with our vinyl labels. Pretty Little Designs creates each of your vinyl custom labels, with love, just for you. Please allow 2 weeks for your item to be shipped.


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