Reusable Produce Bags Set 6


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Never need to use single-use plastic bags again with these reusable produce bags at the supermarket or farmers market. Perfect when buying fresh fruit and veggies, bread, bulk food and more. Store these with your reusable shopping bags and take them with you to the supermarket, farmers market and more.  These are lightweight but deceptively strong bags that can hold produce and feature a drawstring tie.
  • Made from recycled PET.
  • Lightweight re-usable produce bags in 3 sizes. Perfect for market harvesting of loose veg and fruit such as snow/peas/beans/spinach/tomatoes/apples and pears.
  • Perfect for the local farmers market and supermarket. Can also be used to store your harvest in the fridge. Identify each size easily with different coloured cords for small medium and large.