One of the last domestic frontiers is that dreaded under-sink area — a wild, unruly territory where spare sponges, half-empty bottles, and errant cleaning supplies jumble together in disarray. 

We know it's not just you; it's a worldwide pandemic. 

But don't worry, the remedy is at hand. 

Our experts at Pretty Little Designs have compiled an eight-step guide on how to improve your under-sink storage that will morph that scary abyss into an oasis of organisation. 

Under sink storage

Why Should You Prioritise Tackling that Chaos & Increase Your Under-Sink Storage? 

Consider the under-sink pandemonium that greets you each time you bravely venture beneath the countertop. We bet you've unearthed items you'd completely forgotten about, right? Or maybe you've reached in, hoping for a trash bag, only to find a decomposing sponge that has seen better days? 

Well, it's time to turn this pesky problem on its head. Not only can organised under-sink storage save you time, but it also creates a sense of calm, banishing that heart-sinking feeling of not finding what you need, when you need it. 

Now, doesn't that sound like a dream worth chasing? 

Step 1: Decluttering - The First Leap Towards Sanity 

Clear the decks! This step requires a sprinkle of ruthlessness and a large dollop of determination. 

As you go through the products and items under there, make the hard decisions and eliminate the unnecessary; discard expired products, combine duplicates, and rehome items that have strayed from their rightful place. 

Decluttering creates a blank canvas on which to design your perfect storage solution. 

Step 2: Measurements - The Secret Sauce of Customisation & Elevating Under-Sink Storage 

Every home is different. As you go to make improvements, be sure to measure your under-sink area with the precision of an experienced tailor. Remember, one size doesn't fit all in the world of storage. Carefully consider plumbing obstructions and any other peculiarities unique to your space. 

Proper measurements allow you to maximise every valuable inch under your sink. 

Step 3: Categorise - The True Art of Organisation

Time to play matchmaker. 

All the remaining items need to be reviewed and grouped based on their purpose or frequency of use. Categorisation isn't just about batching similar things together; it's about creating a system that resonates with your bathroom or kitchen routines. 

When your items are sorted into categories that make sense to you, finding and replacing them becomes second nature. 

Step 4: Vertical Space - The Forgotten Dimension 

Revel in the joy of verticality! Often overlooked, the vertical space under your sink is a goldmine waiting to be exploited. Using stacking shelves or stackable draws can multiply your storage space, making your under-sink cabinet a model of efficiency. 

The sky's the limit—or, in this case, the countertop!

Step 5: Drawer Organisers - Unleash Your Inner Neat Freak

When our drawers don’t have enough room, we often rely on our under-sink storage to house an overflow of items. 

As such, drawer organisers are the unsung heroes of storage solutions. They're perfect for keeping those pesky small items in line. No more hunting for that elusive mascara or that spare toothbrush. At Pretty Little Designs, we have sturdy, double-layer, under sink drawer organiser options available to not only give your bathroom and kitchen more order, but also utilise vertical space. 

Designate a spot for each item and watch your chaos transform into a harmonious symphony of organisation.

Step 6: Clear Tubs & Organisers - No More Hide and Seek

Clear storage organisers are the magnifying glasses of your under-sink world. They allow you to see the contents without rummaging around, saving you precious time. 

If you have some items that you don’t use all the time, but would like to keep them close at hand, then clear, stackable tubs can be a great solution. Again, they make use of vertical height, and are a neat way to organise your possessions with ease of identification. 

Additionally, they add an air of sophistication to your cabinet, enhancing the aesthetic as well as functionality. 

Step 7: Hooks and Racks - Every Item Deserves a Home

 Say hello to hooks and racks, your secret weapon against under-sink disarray. They're perfect for storing flat items or hangable products like sprays, keeping them within easy reach. If you need to clear some space for more under-sink storage, then over the sink storage racks can be a great place to keep your sponges, plugs and more! 

Think of hooks and racks as the VIP lounge for your most-used items—always accessible and ready to serve!

Step 8: Regular Maintenance - The Heartbeat of Organisation

Remember, maintaining organisation is a marathon, not a sprint. Regularly check in on your under-sink storage, adjust your system as necessary, and conduct periodic decluttering sessions. Ensuring every item returns to its designated home is the key to long-term organisation.

Embrace the Journey to Better Under-Sink Storage with Pretty Little Designs

Taming the unruly under-sink beast may seem like a Herculean task, but with these eight practical steps, it becomes a delightful journey. Soon, you'll open that under-sink cabinet not with dread, but with a satisfied smile, admiring the kingdom of calm you've created. 

Get started with our under-sink starter set, or contact our experts today for more information.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the adventure, and transform your under-sink storage today

Deanna Foster