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Working from home has become the new normal for people around Australia. As we spend more time in our home offices, the need for better organisation and control is clear. In almost every home, an office is where we keep our work files, important documents, and cherished personal possessions. This is why we at Pretty Little Designs made it our mission to create a range of simple, effective organisation and storage solutions to work within any household. Our labels for offices help to keep every workspace tidy and functional. With designs that can be adapted to every décor and personal taste, you can be sure to get the most out of your office every day.

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Say goodbye to missing files, lost items, and stray stationery with our collection of personalised labels for the office. Embrace an elevated system that everyone can use with our range of adhesive labels and sticker packs and help to keep your office effortlessly organised. From our craft and office labels to our acrylic and bamboo tags, you can introduce order to your office system. Whether labelling files, arranging document holders, or even managing stationery, each of our office labels works to introduce a calming Zen influence on the most chaotic of workspaces.

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Get in touch with us today at Pretty Little Designs to learn more about our versatile collection of office works labels and how you can use them to achieve a functional and stylish office space. Email us at or come see us in-store today to know more and feel inspiration strike with your labels for the office. Shop online today and take advantage of our offer of free delivery across Australia with orders over $150!