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Across every household in Australia, the kitchen always seems to be the most happening place, making pantry organisation and kitchen pantry storage a crucial role in maintaining harmony. Whether someone is doing the dishes, stocking up on staples, organising the pantry, or just grabbing a snack, maintaining a clutter-free space is the secret to functional, aesthetic, clutter-free space.

From Spaghetti Containers to Freezer Safe Products: A Wide Range of Kitchen Storage Containers Available

If you want a well-running kitchen, it is important to keep the space decluttered and choose the right items to store everything. Today, we’re so fortunate to have countless items available as pantry storage containers, from a complete pantry organisation set, to sealed, freezer-safe containers for long-term storage.

At Pretty Little Designs, we provide the opportunity to shop for the best airtight kitchen storage containers and pantry organisers right from the comfort of your home, with delivery across Australia.

Why Choose Pretty Little Designs for Your Pantry Organisation Needs?

Choosing the right pantry storage solutions, like our airtight storage containers, not only keeps your food safe from spoiling but can also uplift your mood each time you step into your aesthetic, well-organised and stress-free kitchen. By investing in our full pantry container set, complete with personalised kitchen labels, you can easily find a home for everything, be it spaghetti, baking powder, loose tea levels, biscuits, cereal, bread – the list is endless!

Our team at Pretty Little Designs has worked carefully to design, create and offer some of the leading home pantry solutions in Australia, including the best food storage container, stackable pantry containers, shelf organisers, and so much more. With our help, you never again have to struggle to find what you need, when you need it.

Explore What You Can Find in Our Collection of Pantry Storage Containers & Kitchen Accessories

Looking for sleek, glass, airtight storage containers for easy identification of ingredients in your pantry? Perhaps some freezer-safe kitchen storage containers to help with meal prepping or the kids’ lunches? We have it all.

Let’s take a look at pantry storage containers at Pretty Little Designs and understand how can they be useful in your pantry organisation:

  1. Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders: Just when people were musing over those wooden salt and pepper shakers, PLD thought to excite them with a combination of beauty and technology. These aesthetically pleasing airtight pantry containers are available in multiple colours, so you don’t end up mixing two ingredients.
  2. 2.5L White Lid Push Top Seal Pantry Container: These long airtight pantry containers are the best pantry storage containers to store bulk staples. You can store your monthly supply of rice, flour, or pasta in them, and the airtight lid won’t let any air get in, keeping the item safe for longer.
  3. 6L Tall Spaghetti Glass Canister Jar with Natural Bamboo Lid: These tall glass jars are the best pantry containers for storing Pasta, Spaghetti, Cookies, Chips, Crackers, Oats, and Sugar sticks. The jar’s height ensures that you don’t have to break long items and store and use them intact.
  4. 12 Pack Square Glass Spice Jar: Store your spices in these pantry storage containers and keep their aroma natural.

Variety of Pantry Storage Containers & Kitchen Shelf Organisers

At Pretty Little Designs, we offer an extensive selection of pantry storage containers in glass and plastic, along with pantry shelves and kitchen pantry organisers. We also provide bamboo pantry storage options and glass kitchen storage containers, with multiple sizes ranging from 100ml to 10L. You can buy our high-quality pantry storage container sets in bulk or individually.

Pantry Storage Drawers & Organising Containers

Need more storage options? Perhaps some tools to help you better utilise the space available to you?

Check out our pantry drawer organisers, baskets, storage tubs and more, ideal for making the most of your home pantry space. From pantry jars to can storage solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of kitchen organisation items to help declutter your benchtops and cupboards.

Best Freezer-Safe Containers & Glass Fridge Containers

If you are someone who likes to prepare meals and ingredients in advance, then we are here to help you. From glass storage boxes to freezer-safe containers, you will find affordable, reliable solutions that keep your food fresh for longer. We are proud to provide some of the best freezer containers Australia has to offer.

Find All of Your Kitchen & Pantry Organisation Solutions with PLD

Browse our complete selection of the best kitchen and pantry storage & organiser solutions in Australia today. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us today contact us at or visit us in-store.