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Cleaning Product Labels & Tags for All Your Laundry Needs

Laundry is a daily part of life, but it doesn’t need to be a chore! At Pretty Little Designs, we know that cleaning and laundry go hand in hand, which is why we have developed our range of laundry and cleaning product labels, to take all the stress out of those regular trips to the washing machine. From organising products to sorting hampers, our range of personalised labels helps bring a sophisticated, uniform look to the laundry that you will love.

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Enjoy our collections of laundry tag labels designed with a variety of materials, like bamboo tags and adhesive sticker packs, in a range of styles to match every décor and theme in your home. We are all familiar with the feeling of frustration from not being able to find what you need to complete a task or help a loved one. From rubbish and recycle bin labels to first aid and medicine labels, our products provide a solid foundation to help you access the essentials quickly and efficiently, taking the stress out of daily household tasks. 
Each of our laundry and cleaning tags creates interesting and eye-catching displays, lending a sense of creativity to the mundane. Stylish and functional, they work to ensure that you spend less time looking for items you need and more time on the things that you enjoy.

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Revitalise your laundry space today and get inspired with our collections of product labels at Pretty Little Designs, either by browsing online or visiting us in-store. Learn more about how our incredible laundry tag labels and personalised designs can elevate your organisational systems by contacting us today at We look forward to hearing from you!