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Bathrooms are no longer considered a ‘place of ablutions’. These are evolving with time, and in fact, when entering, everyone wants the place to give a luxurious feel. Don’t you? You can make it happen in a second by replacing your old-fashioned bathroom bottles with our modern bathroom bottles with a pump.

Super Stylish Bathroom Dispenser Bottles

Unlike the regular bottles of products, these bathroom bottles are reusable. Having a safe pump dispensing system makes them easy to use and reduces the chances of product spoilage and leakage. Not just this, our bathroom dispenser bottles are refillable, which allows you to buy shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, shower gel and other bathroom essentials in bulk and refill them as you need.
Whether kept on the sink or organised in the cupboard or on the shelf or anywhere in the bathroom, these dispenser bottles are sure to add a touch of style, save space, and lessen the chaos.

Bathroom Bottles with Labels

Having similar bottles in the bathroom might confuse you in recognising which one is which. So for knowing the content at a glance and enhancing the look of the bottle, you can add customised labels.

Bathroom Bottle Range at Pretty Little Designs

At Pretty Little Designs, we offer "refillable spray bathroom bottles" and "bathroom bottles with pump lid" for clean and easy use. Our bathroom dispenser bottles are also available in silver, gold, and bamboo. You can beautify your bathroom by choosing these reusable bottles in either black, white, amber or frosted white colour. These are available in three sizes - 250ML, 500ML and 1L capacity. You can either purchase the bottle individually or in a set.
If the pump gets lost, you can even order a separate lotion pump. Apart from bottles, we also offer various other bathroom organising stuff like automatic foam dispenser, bamboo tray with a divided section for keeping the bottles, and storage baskets for the bathroom.