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Because of their diversified uses, bottles can be seen in every section of our house for some or other purpose. But often it leads to confusion, disorganisation & chaos. Wondering what could calm the storm of chaos? Bottle Labels.

Kitchen Bottle Labels

Be it for storing sauces, stocks, oils, pickles or any other liquids, bottles come in handy. At times, we like to bring a whole can of oil, pickles, or a big packet of sauce and store it in refillable bottles. When stored, there are chances that you might confuse one oil from the other or one sauce from the other. Here comes the bottle labels at your rescue. Bottle labels pasted on each could avoid the chances of getting confused.
You must have seen the original bottle labels of items often deteriorate over time, fade and become soggy due to low-quality material. But our high-quality bottle labels won’t disappoint you.

Laundry/Cleaning Bottle Labels

We have not one but many cleaners and detergents for house chores filled in separate bottles. Without the bottle labels, you might end up using the wrong liquid, the dishwashing liquid instead of cloth washing liquid or car cleaner instead of a glass cleaner. Nothing other than the bottle labels could warn you from doing so!

Other Bottle Labels

Often we bring a pack of four or more bottles for kids or home purposes. With bottle labels stuck on each, it can help the kids know whom the bottle belongs to and what is in there.
If you are the one who likes everything to be colour coordinated, then you must be using the same colour refillable bottles for bathroom essentials. But bathroom bottle labels can save you from using a conditioner instead of shampoo.
You might also use those bottles for dressing, gardening or pet care solutions. Make sure every bottle at every corner of your house has the bottle label on it.

Labels & Other Unique Products at Pretty Little Designs

You don’t have to search for bottle labels in store, as you can get them online at Pretty Little Designs. Our labels are durable and, at the same time, eye appealing. Not just the labels, you can get other essentials like a bamboo lotion pump in case your bottle is missing the upper part, an automatic foam soap dispenser for some ease and aesthetic look on your basin.