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Having something that bears your name impacts positively and creates a sense of ownership. But the question arises how to do it? By writing name on everything you use and own No. Why put so much effort when it can be done in a blink with personalised name labels from Pretty Little Designs.

Personalised Name Labels for Kids’

Personalised name labels are a thoughtful & creative addition to the kids’ supplies. It is quite difficult for them to recognise every item they own, because of which they might lose track of some at school or home, or due to the confusion, they might grab some wrong ones. Not just this, often they are disinterested in the item that has boring stickers stuck on them. Here’s when our personalised name labels come to the rescue.
By sticking the customised name stickers on everything from glasses, lunch boxes, water bottles, mugs to notebooks, they can easily grab the ones that they own and, at the same time, get happy by seeing the amazingly designed labels on their belongings.

Customised Name Stickers for Home & Work

You can get customised name stickers for the household as well as workplace items. You can get these customised for your coffee mugs, bottles and for your fluffy friend’s bowl, because they and their items are special too.
Add labels to your work notebooks, laptops, folders, diaries and everything else. These labels are perfect for saying it loud “It is mine or I own it” without even saying it. HEHE.

Make it Memorable

When decorating a gift item for your loved ones, the personalised name stickers & labels or our personalised gift tags will be a cherry on the cake. This will not only make them happy, but make them feel special and loved.