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From cooking to storage, a lot happens in the kitchen and pantry. And having the right assortments for each task eases you from the efforts, lessens the chaos, helps in kitchen and pantry organisation.
For most kitchen chores like cutting, cooking it is easy to find the suitable essentials, but the real challenge comes with the storage part. As you have many food staples stored for months, it is important to store the pantry food staples in the right containers. Gone are the days of using large round containers with the lids that need to be moved until tightened.

Niftiest Pantry Containers with Push Top Seal

Push top pantry containers are the modern version of containers. Whether you need to store spices, raw food staples, dried food or anything in the kitchen or pantry, the airtight lid of push top containers tends to preserve the freshness and aroma of all your food staples for a long time.
Push top containers have entered most of the kitchens and pantries. Does your kitchen or pantry have them? You can get the best quality push top containers delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia with us.

How does the Push Top Lid of the Containers Work?

When the lid is closed, the silicone seal of the containers applies uniform pressure and stops the air from passing by. And when opened, the seal releases the pressure and the lid is easily removed. The centre pop can even be used as a handle to lift the container.

Push Top Pantry Containers at Pretty Little Designs

The push top storage containers are perfect for organising your pantry as well as your stock of ingredients. The wide opening of the push top containers at Pretty Little Designs makes it handy to get a sugar cup easily. Each push top container from our collection is airtight, stackable, easy to open-close, are available in graduated sizes from 100ML to 1L and in white/black lids. Just like storing the food staples in bulk, you can even order them in bulk and individually.