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The expiry date is a crucial piece of information when dealing with perishable ingredients in the fridge or pantry. But what do you do when transferring your food into your stylish, push-top containers without noting this essential detail? 

Don’t worry – at Pretty Little Designs, we have the solution. 

Our black Use By Date Labels offer a simple, easy-to-use organisational system that will help you keep track of your groceries and make your ingredients work for you. 

Save Time & Money with Food Expiry Date Labels

Believe it or not, investing in something as simple as an expiry date label can save you both time and money in the long run. Think about it – without the ability to track the lifespan of your ingredients, you are at risk of high levels of food waste. This means that you are throwing away food and may as well be throwing away the money you used to pay for it! With our PLD food expiry date labels, you never need to worry about this again. 

Our precise black label expiry date ensures that you will never miss another upcoming date, providing you with plenty of opportunities to make the most of your groceries throughout the week. This handy little date label will even help save you time shopping for replacement ingredients by avoiding unnecessary repeat visits to the market or grocery store. 

Made with durable waterproof vinyl, each of our black food expiry date labels is made to last, so you can feel confident using them on any product in your fridge, freezer, or pantry. 

Discover the Best Expiry Date Label Options at PLD

Discover how essential an expiry date label can be to your kitchen organisation today by browsing our collection at PLD. For more information, feel free to contact us, either by visiting us in-store or by submitting an online enquiry via our website.