Did you know that cooking oil can go bad? It’s true – and when it happens, it can make your recipes taste genuinely awful. Each product, from olive oil to sesame, reacts differently to its environment and can turn rancid without you even realising it. To avoid this, correct storage is essential.

At Pretty Little Designs, we know that a chef is only as good as their equipment, which is why we strive to provide the highest quality of materials and designs to each of our customers. Our range of storage containers ensures that you know how to store cooking oil and do so in the best way possible.

To help you get the most out of your choice of cooking oil, here are some helpful tips to keep your culinary creations tasting better for longer.

How to Store Cooking Oil in the Pantry

The best way to store cooking oil is in a cool, dry place, where heat will not be a problem. That means no storage containers anywhere near kitchen appliances or stoves. The pantry is an ideal location for keeping your storage containers. Sitting comfortably at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, your oils will be preserved for longer.

Avoid Plastic Cooking Oil Storage Containers in Favour of Glass

Many oils in the supermarket can be found in darkened plastic bottles. However, unlike their plastic counterparts, glass cooking oil storage containers provide an ideal, neutral environment for your ingredients. The advantages of this include the fact that the glass will not react with the oil and doesn’t leach harmful or unwanted substances when in use.

Not only are glass containers better for your health and the quality of the ingredient, but they also create an appealing aesthetic for your kitchen and reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding single-use plastics.

How to Use Kitchen Labels for the Best Way to Store Cooking Oil

We have all been in a situation where we have forgotten to transfer the use-by date of our ingredients to their new storage containers. This can be a recipe for disaster!

Clear kitchen labels for all your cooking oil storage containers offer one of the best ways to store and keep track of the oil in your pantry. Not only do they provide helpful information, but kitchen labels also optimise how you use your space by providing a clearly organised environment, saving you time when searching for ingredients.

Find the Best Cooking Oil Storage Containers at PLD

While there is no ‘right’ way to know how to store cooking oil, at Pretty Little Designs, we guarantee that our products will contribute considerably to providing you with the best storage solution.

To learn more about our pretty and practical storage containers or to discover more about how you can use home organisation solutions to preserve your favourite ingredients, contact our PLD team by submitting an online enquiry or visiting us in-store. We look forward to hearing from you!
Deanna Foster