Embrace the enchantment of the festive season with our special offering this year - the delightful Magic Reindeer Food! Let's dive into the magic of creating this whimsical treat.

Here's how to create Magic Reindeer Food with our Shaker Spice Jars

  1. Gather Your Ingredients: All you need are some oats and a dash of glitter. For those looking for a colourful twist, you can dye some rice in festive shades of green and red as a glitter alternative.
  2. Mix It Up: In a small bowl, blend the oats and glitter (or your coloured rice) until they're perfectly merry and combined.
  3. Pack It In: Our shaker spice jars are the ideal container for this magical concoction. Not only do they keep the Magic Reindeer Food fresh, but they also add a touch of elegance to this festive treat.

Experience the Christmas Eve Magic

When Christmas Eve arrives, gather around with your loved ones. Sprinkle the Magic Reindeer Food outdoors, and as you spread the magic, remember to chant the enchanting poem from our spice jar label. The gleam from the glitter or the coloured rice will shimmer under the moon, guiding Santa's reindeer straight to your home.

Share the Festive Joy

Our spice jars filled with Magic Reindeer Food are perfect for gifting. Share them with your circle or make it a family crafting evening. The twinkle in the kids' eyes, picturing the reindeer enjoying this magical treat, is a sight to behold.

More Than Just a Festive Activity

This isn't merely a festive DIY. It's a heartwarming tradition, a memory-maker, and a joyous sharing experience. Our spice jars, brimming with this enchanting reindeer treat, encapsulate the true essence of the holiday spirit.

Explore Our Festive Range

At Pretty Little Designs, we're all about adding that special touch to your festive celebrations. Apart from our Magic Reindeer Food, we also offer a beautiful range of Santa sacks, Christmas labels, teacher's gifts, and table name labels. Elevate your festive decor and gifting game with our curated collection, ensuring your Christmas is filled with love, joy, and a sprinkle of magic.

Are you all set to infuse some magic into your festive celebrations? Get our spice jars, create your Magic Reindeer Food, and watch the holiday magic come alive!

Deanna Foster