Push Top Pantry Containers

Protect your groceries with the ultimate push top storage containers from PLD.
The kitchen is a hub of activity for the whole family, and where busy families are, mess follows. To combat the kitchen chaos, investing in stylish and durable pantry containers can make your kitchen space look incredible and save you precious time and energy throughout your busy day.
With our range of airtight push top food storage containers, you can rest easy knowing that you have established an elegant and organised pantry that saves you both time and money.
So, contact us today to discover more about our exceptional items for organising and categorising ingredients at Pretty Little Designs, working to elevate any kitchen space across Australia.

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Whether you are looking for a few individual push top storage containers like our Black Lid Pantry Container, or you are in the market for a complete set like our Deluxe White Container Pantry Makeover and Labels service, we have something for everyone here at Pretty Little Designs.
Our high-quality push top airtight containers provide an ideal, space-efficient storage solution to help you organise your kitchen. Made with materials like glass and silicone, our advanced push lock lid mechanisms guarantee the application of uniform pressure that will keep your ingredients fresher for longer. We have various sizes and styles of pantry containers to suit any home décor in Australia.

Discover PLD Airtight Containers in Australia

Browse our collection of quality food storage containers and discover how our practical PLD designs can organise your ingredients and preserve your food for longer. To learn more about our stylish push top storage solutions, get in touch with our friendly staff today by submitting an online enquiry or visiting us in-store. We look forward to hearing from you!