A well-organised pantry has more benefits than you can imagine. Knowing exactly where everything is placed while cooking can save a lot of your time. Your kitchen automatically feels bigger when your countertop is clean and arranged. You can save your time, cost, and work peacefully in your kitchen. 

However, pantry organisation can be a daunting task too. Choosing the perfect storage solution and organising a small space can be confusing. To help with it, here are 10 tips for you to organise your pantry effectively:

1. Label Your Pantry Containers

Your pantry containers can easily become cluttered, especially in a small area. You can stay organised by labelling your spices, staples, oils, etc. Kitchen organisation labels can help everyone using the space. They save your time by quickly identifying the items, thereby keeping your pantry organised and functional.

2. Utilise the Space behind Your Pantry Door

When it comes to organising a small pantry, you can make the most of your space. You can hang shelves to store your items behind your pantry door. You can store snacks, wrapping paper, and extra kitchen supplies there. You can also stick your weekly meal plan on it. 

3. Ensure Proper Lighting in Your Pantry

It is vital to get your pantry lighting right. You need to ensure that you have sufficient lights at all the spots to work safely and conveniently. Also, it will help to keep your pantry clean and organised all the time.

4. Use Pull-Out Drawers to Your Advantage

You can install pull-out pantry shelves to stay organised. They can maximise your space significantly. Moreover, you can assign and store everything at a specific area, thereby making your pantry look clean and organised.

5. Invest in Durable & Functional Kitchen Containers

It is essential to have durable Kitchen containers and homewares in your pantry. You can use transparent oil bottles, bamboo spice glass jars to add functionality to your pantry. They make items visible in one go and keep your pantry organised.

6. Group and Store Similar Pantry Items Together

Grouping like items together can be beneficial. You can use baskets, bins to store similar kinds of ingredients. For instance, you can keep all tea-time snacks in a single basket. This way, your pantry will be clean and streamlined.

7. Buy Shelves to Create an Extra Level for Storage

There are times when you have a shortage of space. In this case, you can insert shelves in your pantry cabinets to store your kitchen items. You can keep jars and packets at different heights by using shelves.

8. Consider the Height and Temperature of Your Pantry

You should always store your pantry items in a cool space. It will reduce spoilage. Avoid keeping your oven near your pantry. It is also recommended to keep your items at a lower height as it can keep them cool, preserved, and accessible.

9. Keep Your Daily-Use Items Nearby

Organising your pantry doesn’t mean to store all items in it. Keeping your pantry organised is intended to increase the accessibility of your kitchen items. Thus, you can keep items that you frequently need on your countertop like herbs, spices, etc. to find them in one go while cooking.

10. Always List down The Pantry Items That You Need

You can place a blackboard in your pantry to note down items that you want to re-stock. This practice will make your grocery shopping easy and quick. Also, you will not overstock your pantry, thereby keeping it organised.


Pantry organisation can be extremely beneficial for you. Personally, Labelling has proved to be quite useful for me. If you plan to organise your pantry or make your kitchen space more functional, then I would love to create labels for you. Feel free to contact me. https://prettylittledesigns.com.au/pages/contact-us

Deanna Foster