Planning your wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. There goes a lot of effort, time, and money to keep your wedding vision intact. Wedding Labels are one of the ways that not only add a fun element but are also quite affordable. 

Why You Need Personalised Wedding Labels? 

You can even use personalised labels to add a unique touch to your big day. Custom labels fit your specific requirements. While you are busy and on the go always, printable labels keep you organised. They help you to avoid having a chaotic wedding day. 

Different Types of Labels for Your Wedding

Wedding Bridesmaid Labels for Your Bridesmaids' Gift Boxes

Your bridesmaids are the ones who support you and help the day run smoothly. As a gesture of love and friendship, you can pick a perfect gift for them. You can add bridesmaid boxes decals on these gifts, which are both elegant and budget-friendly. You can easily peel and stick these decals. 

Wedding Placeholder Labels for your Seating Arrangement

At your wedding, you certainly want to reserve a specific seat for every guest. To make your seating arrangement more organised, you can add labels on the seats.  This will help your guests to locate the seating assignments easily and quickly. 

Wedding Glass Name Decals for your Wine Glasses

When you add custom decals in your party, it makes your occasion classy and fun. You can use these vinyl wedding glass name decals on wine glasses of bride and groom, bridesmaid, groomsman etc. They enhance the style, décor, and theme of your wedding party. 

Wishing Well Decals for your Gifts/Cards Boxes

When you keep a wishing well box for putting cards, it keeps your wedding arrangement organised. Your guests can come and put their well-wishing cards in this box. You can add wishing well labels on this box to let your guests locate it easily. They are a beautiful and useful addition to your wedding party.

Address Labels for Your Wedding Invites

Your wedding invitations are a vital part of your special day. When you have a long list of guests to invite, it is recommended to go for adding address labels on your invites. You can also return address labels on these invites. You can either choose to write or print the names. 

Wedding Party Sign Labels for your Wedding Boards

Wedding welcome boards look both gorgeous and thoughtful. You can add decals to make sure your wedding details are visible to your guests. Custom wedding sign labels will also give a hint of your wedding style and theme to your guests. You can make your celebration a memorable one with these labels. 

Wedding Favour Labels for Favour Gift Items

Wedding favours are a great way to express your gratitude to your guests. You can choose to add different wedding favour items like candles, lip balms, gift vouchers, etc. They add a surprise element for your loved ones. You can add their names to labels on wedding favours for quick identification.  


Wedding labels are a fun, affordable, and beautiful way to organise your occasion. Whether you choose to have a rustic, modern, or floral theme, custom labels add a personal touch to your big day. To add a personal charm to your wedding, I would love to create customised labels for you. To add custom wording, just contact us, and we will create personalised labels for you. 

Deanna Foster


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