We all wish our home to be characterized as a tidy and organized space. A well-organized home can keep you relaxed and stress-free all day long. However, organizing piles of things in a limited space can seem daunting at first. But with smart home decor and organization ideas and strategies, you can keep your abode beautiful and clean throughout the year.

Here’s How to Organize Your Home Step-By-Step: 

Kitchen Area

It is always better to cook in a clean and organized space. You can instantly find anything that you need while preparing your meal. Also, you save a lot of time in cleaning the mess after cooking. To keep things handy, you can organize the Counter top and Pantry area of your kitchen.

Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen:

  • Plan and assign a proper place for everything on your counter top 
  • Use glass jars to store your food items like spices, flours, etc. This way, you can quickly look for items while working in the kitchen
  • Add custom labels on your pantry containers. It helps you to identify food items 

Living Room 

The living area is the family area of your home. Your family members tend to play, eat, and relax in the living room. Therefore, it is gets easily accumulated with multiple items like toys, magazines, pillows, etc. 

Tips for Organizing Your Living Room:

  • Take a basket and store extra items like books, magazines, toys in it. It will make your space look cleaner and spacious
  • You can put Nesting tables in your living area. They are incredibly functional, and multipurpose tables
  • Assign a separate area for playing games. Creating a game area will help to keep other areas clean and decluttered


An organized bedroom gives you a sense of peace. You can relax and enjoy a sound sleep. Often when we are in a hurry in the morning or too tired in the night, we tend to fail to keep it organized. But with practical home organization ideas, you can organize and maximize your bedroom space. 

Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom:

  • Clean all the drawers and shelves of your dresser and side tables
  • Organize your things in such a way that they are easy and quick to clean daily 
  • For Kids’ bedroom, divide areas for sleeping, playing and studying


There are many benefits of a well-organized bathroom. An organized bathroom looks not only clean but also aesthetically pleasing. A neatly arranged space can make it easy for you to access items. For this, you need a frequent decluttering of several things like cleaning items, linens, toiletries, etc. 

Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom:

  • Organize your bathroom supplies with spray bottles, and bamboo trays to keep your bathroom clean 
  • Use corner shelves and baskets to make the most of your space 
  • You can also stick printable labels on baskets, shampoo bottles and other toiletries for easy identification

When it comes to implementing home organizing ideas, you might face various challenges. There are fair chances that you are repeating some common mistakes while organizing your space.

Make sure to avoid these 5 common home organizing mistakes and fix them immediately.

1. Starting Without a Plan

Chalking out a plan before organizing your home is essential. It gives you an idea of how to begin and how much time you want to spend in organizing a particular area. Collect and Keep your organizing supplies ready in one place before you get started.

2. Storing Things Just Because They Are Expensive 

We often tend to keep things in our home only because we had spent an enormous chunk of money while buying. This makes it difficult to discard even the non-useful items and builds up clutter. You should decide the actual value and use of an item, and organize accordingly. 

3. Considering ‘Decluttering’ and ‘Organizing’ As the Same Thing 

Whenever we think of organizing our home, we confuse it with just removing unnecessary items. But organizing involves different steps. Decluttering is just the first step of organizing, followed by cleaning and storing. Decluttering helps to decide what all needs to be kept and discarded. 

4. Believing That a Perfect Storage Solution Will Organize Your Space

We always think of buying storage containers to solve our organizing problem. Selecting the right storage bins, baskets, or jars should be the last step of organizing. If you buy them first, then it might create more mess and clutter in your home. 

5. Stuck and Unable To Decide While Organizing 

We generally create clutter in our space because we get confused before throwing something away. In this situation, you should ask yourself:

  • Is it something that I love?
  • Do I plan to use it frequently?
  • Do I have more than one of the same thing? 


Home Organisation is a combination of both creativity and strategy. The above home organizing ideas have been useful to me. To make your home look more organized and functional, I would love to create customized labels for your space.

Deanna Foster


We’ll ensure read and make good conception of reading materials provided. Thank you

— Derya

We’ll ensure read and make good conception of reading materials provided. Thank you

— Derya

We’ll ensure read and make good conception of reading materials provided. Thank you

— Derya