Pantry organisation seems to be a tedious task as it involves decluttering the stuff, categorising, and then finally organising the items based on their use. It is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort on your part. Well, if you are looking for an easier way to organise your pantry, there’s no need to look further, you are at the right place.

Let’s look at five best ways to organise a pantry with the help of labels:

 Assess Your Space Dimensions

Start with measuring your space. Measure the width, height, and depth of each shelf. It would give you an idea as to how many containers can fit the shelves.

 After you are done with measuring the shelf size and depth, determine the type of containers that can fit according to space. You can use wood bins and seagrass baskets, these are best to store vegetables such as onions and potatoes. You can also store paper goods in it. Apart from this, you can opt for square-shaped jars instead of round shaped jars to store your pantry because they are quite space-saving.

 Invest in Clear Containers and Labels

A half eaten packet of chips may look messy, stop keeping them that way instead invest in some see-through and transparent containers to organize your pantry systematically. Utilise canisters or square-shaped containers to store your pantry items as you can easily stack them one on one. These containers are a substantial investment to keep your food fresh and in order. They help effectively declutter everything; moreover, you will find it easy to navigate through the shelves.

 Apart from this, labels are must-have pantry staples. They come in different styles, colours, fonts, and shapes. If you are struggling to prepare your meals in a reasonable time, a messy kitchen could be one of the reasons. Get some pantry labels to keep it more functional and stylish so that you don’t waste your time finding things when you are cooking. 

 De-Clutter the Stuff

Decluttering your pantry is the foremost step to begin organising your pantry. Start with pulling everything out of the pantry. Check dates and keep aside the items that are expired or cannot be used any longer. You can also use labels to mark it based on the things that are in use or what all needed to be thrown away. You can use baskets to store loose items such as coffee, tea bags, or cereal bars. This makes it easier for you to sort items in groups and put everything back in place.

 Group Items into Different Categories

Start by categorising everything in groups such as snacks and pasta in one, canned goods, soups, and stocks in other groups. You can put butter and baking items in another group so that you don’t need to go through all the bunch of things to look for items needed at the time of baking. Put all sauces and cooking liquids in a different group and store them clear plastic or glass bottles.

 You can also use boxes, bags, and even non-clear storage bins to categorise the pantry stuff and label them based on the nature of use. All this keeps things segregated and makes it easier to see what you have in your pantry. It saves you some money as you won’t go on over buying things.

 Label Everything Before Organising Your Pantry

Label every item before putting everything back in place. You can either create these labels and get them printed or can buy them online. This allows for quick access to everything that may be in a back corner of your pantry or kept in a non clear storage bin such as baking soda, cocoa powder, or cornstarch. You can also use a few lazy Susans in your pantry to store some frequently used spices and condiments and keep it over the cooktop. This will make your pantry easily accessible and more efficient.

 These were some quick pantry organisation tips that will help you to keep your pantry organised. Don’t forget to use Kitchen Pantry Labels; they would help you create a functional space. Are you ready to organise your pantry? We are here to help you out. Buy our kitchen organisation labels to have an unfussy and uncluttered pantry-

Deanna Foster