There’s nothing as soulful as an organised home. Everything in its place, kept and arranged in an orderly manner, eases up the stress and makes it easier to save some time for me.

After staying packed in winters, this time of summer cheers me up. I can finally lose up a little by opening the doors and enjoy under the warm sunlight. Among doing the other things, the first I am planning to wipe the dust off from everything. And while ordering every cluttered corner of the home, I know the importance of labels better than anyone else!

Whether a piece of paper, plastic or cloth, a label helps in identifying the assorted items with the same look. I can easily differentiate what belongs to whom! With labels for home organisation, I need not worry anymore about remembering which box has beachwear and which one has woolens. I can quickly identify everything throughout my kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry, fridge, home office and even the storage shelf below the sink.

How to Use Labels for Better Home Organisation

Here are a few labeling tips right from my personal experience of working with Howard's Storage World and launching Pretty Little Designs:

Start from the Kitchen, Pantry and Fridge

You get it right! Kitchen is where I spend most of my day. Right from cooking breakfast to packing lunch, I spend too much time in my kitchen. And I believe more organised it is, least stressed I am. I prefer to keep everything separate in my kitchen using different kinds of labels from Spice Jar Labels to Oil Bottle Labels. 

Use Labels for Kitchen

Pantry Labels help me in quickly grabbing things out without worrying about next refill. Many other small labels help me in sorting the food inside my fridge. I write the name, cooking date and shelf life to sort useful and outdated things quickly. It also helps my kids to eat anything from the fridge all on their own. Without the necessity for me to serve them abandoning the work.

Check the detailed range of labels that I use in my kitchen here.

Labels for Fridge Organisation

Bathroom, Laundry and Storage Shelf Should Be the Next

Messed up and dirty bathroom, laundry and storage shelves drive me crazy. No matter how much time they take to organise every day, I still do it. I have to be sure that my little one who is just 6, doesn’t end up using a harsh shampoo or soap. That is why I like to label all personal care products. I use colour codes and different shapes so my little one who can’t read can still understand what is harmful to him.

My other boy, who is 4, likes to take care of unpacking everything that we bring. This way, my son gets to learn to be responsible and yet another game to keep him engaged. He unpacks, applies the label and stacks everything in the storage shelf. He has learned a lot and doing better than any kid of his age.

Laundry labels help my husband in differentiating a disinfectant from the bleach. Even I don’t end up messing the laundry by using harsh detergent on soft cloths and vice versa. I suggest you should also consider purchasing the home organisation labels here.

Home office at last

No matter how astonishing working-from-home or being Entrepreneur sounds, believe me, it’s complicated. I know it better as I faced the same issue and that is why I launched an entire range of labels for organising craft and home office. You can explore it here. I have included almost everything essential to make the jobs of people owning home office easier. I often get to hear from customers how these labels help them to sort and prioritise their day. Although working from home office, yet they never miss a delivery.

I hope that my labels are helping you with even more than what I have mentioned. You can write to me at to show your love. If you need some personalised ideas on organising your home, then contact me at and I will love to help you.

Deanna Foster