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Not everyone has a big and fancy kitchen like that of a farmhouse or mansions. Maybe you have a narrow reach kitchen with a small cabinet to organize your pantry and store ingredients. Most of the people find organizing a small pantry a daunting task and if you think so, then let me tell you that it’s not as difficult as you think.

 To begin with pantry organizing, you should think of your needs and comfort. Investing in good stackable containers to store food items would not suffice, but you will also have to make efforts to organize your pantry in the right way. Make sure you don’t have to indulge in the daily hustle while you make preparations for your food.

 You should always welcome changes in your tiny pantry when it is about enhancing your comfort. If the current condition of your pantry doesn’t go well with your needs, it's time to organize it.

Here are 14 best ideas to organize your pantry in a small and narrow kitchen:

1. Try Adjusting Your Shelves

When it comes to organizing little pantries, you shouldn’t waste a single space. Analyze the dimensions of the area you wish to organize and then figure out what you want to store and how you want to store. Adjust the shelves up or down to accommodate the items you have kept to store. Always leave some room for yourself to easily access whatever is stored in the adjustable shelves.

 2. Put a Light

Small pantries all piled up with items that leave no room for light to come in. Make sure you add a light in the tiny pantry to see the items. If you can’t rewire the entire space to add an overhead light, you can switch to a battery-powered option. You can also stick tiny lights at the bottom of each shelf to see what’s kept in.

 3. Work According to Levels

When you are organizing your pantry, always work in levels. If you use shelf risers, load the tallest stuff at the upper level and smallest at the bottom. And, if you organize it directly without a shelf, you can store the tallest pantry containers at the back and rest at the front so that you quickly have a glance at all the items.

 4. Use Backside of the Door

If you have a small pantry, then the back of the door is an excellent place to store some items. You can use wire shelves or door hangers to store stuff like tissue papers, table cloths, cling wraps, and foils. This trick will surely save you a lot of money and space as well!

 5. A lazy Susan for Hard to Reach Corner

Organizing the hard to reach corners of your kitchen can be a little difficult for you, so, investing in a lazy susan would solve the purpose. The spinning wheel is perfect for a hard to reach corner space where you can keep spices and condiments that are used occasionally for unique dishes. You can use to store spatula, whisks, and slotted spoons.

 6. Magnetic Spice Rack

If you get confused with the stuff kept over the countertop, you can use magnetic spice racks to stick your tiny spice containers. Label the containers, and this magnetic rack will serve the purpose well. It is handy and saves a lot of time when you are in a rush.

 7. You Can Turn One Shelf Into Two

When you have a lot of stuff to store in the kitchen, and you are struggling to make space for all the items, then you can turn one shelf into two. This way, you can easily store items and save your space from clutter.

 8. Get Grocery-Inspired Look

Grocery inspired look means you can do a supermarket kind of makeover where you can go with first in and the first-out rule. Keep everything organized with bins, containers, and label them based on their time of use. Put the newest stuff at the back and store the stuff that’s already in use. It will prevent your space from cluttering.

9. Think Narrow Minded

By narrow-minded we mean, using the skinny space between your fridge and the storage cabinet. You can put a thin rack between these two and store condiments such as coffee, sauce, tissues, cloths, and many more.

10. Use Wall Spaces

When it’s about pantry organizing, never leave your wall spaces empty. You can also use wall spaces efficiently by hanging wire drawers on the wall to store your stuff.

 11. Pull Out Shelves

You can also replace all your stationery shelves with pull out shelves to store your pantry stuff when you have a tiny kitchen.

 12. Use Proper Size Storage

Using various containers doesn’t make sense if they don’t fit in your pantry space. Make sure whichever container you buy they must be of the proper size fitting in your shelves and other pantry spaces where you plan to keep them.

 13. Leave Space for Growth and Addition

Organizing your pantry space is not at all a puzzle. Everything doesn't need to be accommodated in your pantry space. Make sure that in an attempt to fill every container and every area you should not pile it up with a lot of stuff. Always leave room for growth and addition of new items to fit in. Remember, these are just storage containers and bins that are to be organized.

 14. Use Your Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are another way of organizing your tiny pantry. You can stick an A5 size planner inside a cabinet door to plan your meals. You can also write the items that you need or the items that you have to buy.

 If you are working through your kitchen to organize your tiny pantry and make it clutter-free, then the points mentioned above would help you. Moreover, if you are considering a pantry makeover, follow these to achieve a functional and efficient pantry. For more updates stay tuned with us at-

Deanna Foster