Pantry Organisation Ideas You Need in Your Life

If your pantry looks like a bomb went off in a supermarket, this blog is for you.

It’s no secret that pantry organisation is a hot topic right now, and if you haven’t gotten around to jumping on the bandwagon just yet, we’re here to help.

A disorganised pantry leads to hectic cooking, food wastage, and feeling like you need to shut the doors and hide everything when guests drop in.

Luckily, we’re expert-level organisers and below you’ll find our founder’s top 5 tips for getting your pantry in shape.

push top pantry containers

Deanna’s top 5 tips for an organised pantry you’ll be proud of

  1. Containers

The biggest mistake I see people make when they start organising their pantry, is that they go out and buy a heap of pretty containers without first thinking about what types of containers will suit their family’s needs.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for containers:

  • Quality
  • Buying cheap containers might seem like a good idea but if they’re not airtight, leak-proof, and durable (like our signature push-top pantry containers), you’ll probably end up spending more money replacing them. And let’s not forget the soggy biscuits and stuck-together rice you’ll be throwing in the bin!

  • Size 
  • When it comes to pantry containers, size matters. It’s super-important to choose containers with the right capacity for whatever you want to store in them, and the right measurements to fit your pantry shelf.

  • Design
  • Think about what features your ideal pantry containers need. Do you prefer glass or plastic containers? Plastic or bamboo lids? Would you like to be able to open them with one hand? Do you need containers that are stackable?

  • Think outside the box
  • Your pantry, your rules, baby. Feel free to combine materials and textures, use a mixture of jars, containers, and baskets. There’s no one-pantry-fits all so go wild and create something that’s totally you.

    2. Maximise the space you have

    You don’t need to have a walk-in butler’s pantry the size of a double bedroom to achieve that beautiful, organised look.

    Work with the space you have by utilising corners, varying height with shelves, and using lazy susans, spice racks, and draws.

    With a little forward planning and research, even the tiniest pantry cupboard can look amazing and feel functional.

    3. Clever little hacks

    There are heaps of everyday items you can use to level up your pantry organisation without breaking the bank.

    Here are some of my faves:

    • Use file holders for keeping recipes and cookbooks or loose packaged items tidy (hot tip: some are just the right width to stack tins)
    • Use pen pots for storing reusable straws, skewers, and basting brushes
    • Utilise floor space by sliding baskets or tubs under the bottom shelf

    4. Meal plan from the pantry before you go shopping

    Do a stock take in your pantry as part of your weekly meal planning process to keep your pantry under control.

    Try to use up anything with a short shelf life first, and check you’re not doubling up on things that are hiding at the back of a shelf.

    We all have our favourite recipes and go-to Friday night meals, but planning meals based on what’s already in your pantry is a great way to minimise waste and mix up your meal routine a little.

    5. Keep it up

    An organised pantry isn’t a one-time job, so be prepared to dedicate a little time to it.

    I spend around 10 minutes at the end of each week making sure everything is back in its place, checking lids have been put on securely, and cleaning up any crumbs or spillages.

    This is also when I’ll check for any items that need a refill (I keep bulk items hidden away in a tub under the bottom shelf) or anything that needs to be added to the shopping list.


    Job done!

    I hope my pantry organisation tips help you create a space you’re proud of.

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    Deanna x

    Deanna Foster