Pantry Organisation Ideas You Must Know

Is your kitchen a source of embarrassment for you? Do you feel the need to apologise when your friends are over? Or maybe your just looking for more organisation so you stop finding packets from 2014! Well if these sounds similar to you don’t worry you are not alone. I am here to help you to how to organise your bulk pantry that you can be proud of! 

Pantry Organisation
How To Organise Your Pantry

So many people struggle to make their kitchen pantry organised. You don’t need to be a professional to have an organised kitchen pantry. There are simple methods to maintain the top class kitchen and to utilize the unused space most effectively.
Do you want an organised pantry of your dream? The good news is that it’s not as tough as you think it is. Below are few tips, through which you can organise your pantry effectively.

Choose Containers to Organise Pantry Items

organise your pantry

A well-designed container with name stickers will not only make your kitchen look great but also save your time. Using pantry containers help us to categorise the food item in an orderly way and help you maintain cleanliness in the kitchen.

Qualities To Look At, When Buying Pantry Containers

Durability - The container should be sturdy enough to hold your products in. Buying a delicate container, will only mean you will be replacing it in a short time.

Size- The size is important. There is no point buying a container to small that you can’t store enough in it.

Design and label – The more attractive the design is, the more people like it. It will also help you want to maintain the look, keeping it clean and organised. Along with this, you’ll need plenty of labels for labeling all your containers and baskets.

Think outside the box- when choosing your containers. The container can be made of glass, metal, plastic and come up in different shapes- square, round, rectangular or free form. Choose the container according to your kitchen. I personally love square and rectangle shapes for easy stacking and being able to maximise your space by stacking containers on top.

Container Ideas To Organise Your Kitchen Pantry!

Pantry Organisation

Jars – You can transfer the food into airtight transparent storage that is ideal for showing its content. Checkout our Glass Spice JarsPantry Container Sets, which will help you improve your bulk pantry staples.

Upright Folders – Keep an upright file folder to keep the home recipe, shopping list and for other important house paper.

Baskets – Baskets are the perfect choice to store the food items with open storage. Great to categorise your pantry staples and we have a great range of acrylic tags to label these so you know exactly what’s inside.

Pantry Organising Ideas

  • Empty your pantry.

When you clean out the pantry, you will be able to identify the item that you are keeping in a container for a long time so that you can better organize them.

  • Minimize the bulk.

Do you need oversize containers and huge bags that take up entire shelf space? Reducing the bulky items in your pantry will help create more space to bulk food storage and in turn, help you and your family stay organised.

  • Group and sort the items in your pantry.

Once you’ve thrown out the unnecessary items, now it’s time to organise the item category wise. Labelling a section for each group will help you organise your pantry. There should be a place so that you can effortlessly grab what you need. Pantry labels comes handy to make everything easy and effortless. Checkout our personalised pantry labels to make your pantry more organised.

  • Spend 10 minutes daily to keep your pantry clean

A task, like cleaning the pantry shelves and keeping the package labels visible and categorise the same product together will only take just a few minutes. It is better to spend 10 minutes a day, then to waste a couple of hours on weekends.

  • Make use of household items to give your pantry more storage space

If every item of your home has a special place or holder, then your home will look perfect.
Racks, pencil holder and magazine racks and household items keep smartly and inexpensively that will add more space to your pantry and you can easily organise bulk pantry staples with less efforts.

Ready to organize your pantry?

Transforming your pantry may seem overwhelming, but its process that can be done in just a couple of hours. By planning or stylishly organising pantry organisation, you can create an easier life for yourself and family members. So if you're looking on how to organise your pantry items, then follow the above mention tips. Be sure to also follow our social media pages for lots of tips, photos and examples of pantry organisation from myself, our PLD team and our customers. We love to see your pantry makeovers.

Does the task seem to overwhelming?

Rome wasn’t built in a day so if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge you can start small and build up to an organised pantry. We offer a range of labels and pantry sets for beginners. Our Essential Label range is a great start of all the basic labels and we have created these in packs for all areas of your home. Our pantry containers are also available in small sets and bulk sets so you can start as big or little as you like. We also offer afterpay so you can buy now and pay later.

Remember, a clean and organised kitchen create a profound impact and is essential in the kitchen. You will save time and money.

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