It goes without saying: the holiday decorations are a part of the Christmas fun and also a perfect way to unleash your inner creative. This festive season is all about enjoying the holidays and sharing the Christmas cheer with your guests. But are you wondering what’s going to be the Christmas decor trends of 2018? The following ideas will help you showcase the feeling of festivity in your home no matter what’s your style or preferences when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

Christmas Decorating Trends of 2018

Christmas Decorating Trends of 2018

1. Old is Gold (Vintage Style)

When you want to stay true to the old-fashioned Christmas decoration theme, maybe you should give the vintage style a try. Not only will it let you introduce the vintage spirit, but also let you re-use the old glass decorations that you may have lying around in your home. Don’t forget to use your favourite antique items for the decoration by styling them to match the holiday theme. And just in case you don’t have those rustic looking Santa sacks to use for the decoration, here’s where you can get some personalised Santa sacks, ones of your choice.


2. Rainbow Christmas Tree

There are some department stores, like John Lewis, that believe the biggest decorating trend of Christmas 2018 will be the Rainbow Christmas tree. If their claim wasn’t enough for you, look up a few photos of Rainbow Christmas Trees and you will surely want to follow this trend.

You can give the “rainbow” look to the Christmas tree by arranging different coloured ornaments from the bottom to the top of the tree. Just keep in mind that the colours used near the base of the tree will require a larger number of items to cover it.


3. Don’t stick to the usual colour themes

Don’t you think it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to colour themes for Christmas decorations in 2018 and not stick to the usual red and green? If you were wondering what are Christmas colour trends for 2018, grey, purple, and blue are going to be hip. And even better if you use these colours with green, as it will mimic the theme of a tropical ocean making it give a fresh and cool appearance to your Christmas décor for 2018.


4. The Christmas Dining Setup

When it comes to Christmas decorations for 2018, how can we miss out on sprucing up the dining room? It’s the festive season and every meal should feel like something elegant. To give the perfect look, decorate your plates and glasses with Christmas decals and holiday napkins. You can even get personalised labels to be used for the crockeries - it’s a nice way to make everything show off the holiday spirit.


5. Christmas Candles and Lightings

Lighting candles has a religious custom for many religions since time immemorial. But when it comes to Christmas tradition of lighting candles, they are symbolic of the sun's warmth in the middle of cold winters. They are a sign of a warm welcome for anyone and everyone who might be dropping by your home on Christmas Eve. Not just that, candles also signify hope, prayer, love and passion.

6. Personalized Christmas Wreaths

Nothing looks better than a Christmas wreath when it comes to sharing the excitement of the holiday season. So how can you leave your outdoor display look boring? Hang one of those personalised Christmas wreaths on your main door to greet the guests. There’s no specific style to do Christmas wreaths according to Christmas decorating trends in 2018, but you can always use the traditional evergreen style with green and red colour in it and top it off with Christmas baubles.

Final Thoughts

The key thing to remember is: less is more when it comes to Christmas decoration for 2018. Look for something vintage that will carry the traditional holiday spirit. Be innovative and think out of the box when it comes to the colour themes for Christmas in 2018: purple, blue, or green are definitely good choices this year. And most importantly – be creative and enjoy the holiday season!

Deanna Foster