If you got a small cramped laundry room and don’t know what to do about it, here are some nifty laundry room storage ideas that you can use to give yourself some much-needed space to do, hang and fold your Laundry. No matter how small your space is, there are tons of small laundry storage ideas that you can look up online or in reference books.

Here we have compiled a list of some laundry storage hacks for you to refer to for your next laundry room makeover.

  • Use Up Wall Storage of Your Laundry Room

To make the most out of your laundry room, here is a laundry room storage idea you can look at. Use up the walls to hang up storage laundry containers. Wall storage are a great way to free up space and also store up things that are needed. Board up shelves or canister holders to keep your laundry essentials inside. A wire storage rack is also a great option to store up your items. Screw in hooks on the wall to hang any small clothing items to dry.

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  • Use Up the Ceiling Space in Your Laundry Room

If you have a small laundry room, here are another smart laundry room ideas solutions. If you have your walls full, it is now time to look to the ceiling. This is a great place to hang up a ceiling rack where you can dry up your clothes on. You can make your own DIY rack by investing in a ladder and hang it from the ceiling with the help of chains. This serves as a fantastic spot to hang clothing to dry or items that have been pressed. This is especially handy if you hand wash your clothing or have a lot of delicate items that you cannot use the dryer for.

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  • Add Corner Shelves To Utilise the Space in Laundry Room.

If the corner of your walls is bare, then this is a great area to invest in shelving options. There are plenty of options nowadays to customise your shelves or you can do your own DIY shelf to adjust to your needs. This is a great way to use up unwanted spaces and a very handy way to store up detergents and other small items.

Corner Space - Laundry Organisation & Storage

  • Use Baskets or Storage Containers For Better Organisation

Now that you have your spaces sorted, it is time to bring out the containers where you will keep your items. You can get a lot of cheap woven baskets or laundry baskets to keep unwashed clothes in, plus it makes your storage space more fashionable. Bring out some mason jars to decorate your shelves with cleaning supplies in it. If you got a collection of vintage jars, now is a good time to bring them out. If you prefer some order, you can just use a single type of jar or basket for all your cleaning and laundry supplies.  

Baskets or Storage Containers - Laundry Organisation

If you need to place some cute labels to differentiate between the detergent and softener or just hunting for some new jars, Pretty Little Designs has the best solution for you. They have some of the best and cutest laundry labels that you can customise according to your style, and they even sell some cute containers, not just for the laundry room but also for your whole house.

  • Use a Separator

If you wish to separate your laundry room from the rest of the house, but don’t have a door to do so, you can create a makeshift door with a curtain or sheet. It won’t be soundproof nor will it guarantee to keep pesky guests out, but it will make your storage room more orderly and away from the main buzz of the house.  

  • Make Your Own Folding Station

Even if you have a small storage area, you can create a makeshift folding station with the available room you have. This is a great small laundry room storage idea for families that do a ton of laundry and need some extra room to spread around. You can create your own mount on your wall that you can use for folding your clothes. It is also a better idea to make it in a way that you can fold down and up again when not in use, and this will give you more space to work with as well.

Folding Station - Laundry Room Storage Ideas

  • A Bookshelf Can Also Be a Storage

If you are not really a handyman, then you can buy a bookshelf and turn it into a storage shelf. It won’t look weird plus it will fit perfectly into the small nooks of your walls. It is perfect as it provides a lot of storage area for arranging baskets for your laundry room storage ideas. Search around your house for any spare shelves such as some kept for kid’s rooms and such, any spare side tables or storage cubes that will help keep your supplies in check.

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  • Use Your Doors for Storing Up

Check the back of your doors in your laundry room for additional storage space. You can visit your nearest hardware store for storage solutions that are designed specifically for closets, as these storage solutions will give you some inspiration for your small laundry room storage idea. Hang up simple hooks behind your door or storage nets to save up space on your walls. These are great to dry up clothes or keep hangers.

Laundry Storage Idea Door

Hope these Laundry Storage Ideas will be helpful to give your Laundry Room better organisation and classy look.

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