We all know how much children make a mess of their toy rooms. Have you ever stepped on a piece of LEGO? OUCH!

If your child isn’t particularly good at stashing his toys away, they can take up a lot of space. Not just that, toys, board games and card games just won’t last as long if they aren’t stored away properly. But don’t worry, it is possible to organise your children’s toys without much hassle.

Here Are 8 Easy Toy Storage Ideas To Implement 

It is possible to have children and a clean house. You can also store them in a way that won’t cost a lot and still look nice, here are some nice toy storage ideas to help spark up your creativity.

1. DIY Pull-Out Kids Toy Storage Idea

Here’s an example of a pull-out storage that you can make easily at home without spending much on the furniture. It’s easy for the kids to pull the drawers out given the low height of this storage. You just need to put labels on the various boxes, so your kids know what stuff goes where. If you set up something similar but without the labels, your kids might end up shoving random stuff in the boxes. The IKEA trofast is a great addition to a bedroom or playroom.

DIY Pull-Out Toy Storage

2. Indoor Game Storage Ideas

You probably know this already: card games are a fun way to keep your kids occupied and sitting down. Having said this, the boxes that most card games come in usually end up being torn apart. If this sounds familiar to you, try out this storage idea which was created by a smart teacher who uses it in her classroom. All you need to do is place the card games in separate plastic containers and label them. In case you don’t have some empty plastic containers lying around in your house, you can take a trip to a nearby store and purchase some small plastic containers. Simply place the labels on the top of the containers and glue the instructions that come with the games on the inside of the container. Ask the kids to snap the box close once they are done playing. This way none of the cards or boxes get damaged as often and things stay tidy too.

Indoor Game Toy Storage Idea

3. Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Idea

It goes without saying, children love having a bean bag to rest on. This is why making a stuffed animal toy storage is one of the most loved toy storage ideas. Just fill the bean bag with your kid’s favorite collection of stuffed animals instead of foam beads that bean bags come filled with, and voila! You’ve got a stuffed animal toy storage. This way the stuffed animals stay stored out of sight and also help stuff a bean bag. So if your kids have a stuffed animal collection, it’s time to get a bean bag cover, which is generally quite easy to find in the back-to-college section at most stores.

Toy Storage - Stuffed Animals

4. DIY Artwork Showcase

If you have an extra clipboard that’s currently not in use, place it along the wall of your kids’ room. Encourage them to clip their favorite pieces of artwork up on the clipboard and take it down as they wish. If you wanted to feature your kids’ artwork or of your niece’s, nephew’s, or of other young ones in your family, this is one of the best ways of doing it. It’s not just something that will make you happy, but it will make them proud too. I have used a great frame from Kmart and use our 2 personalised name labels (5cm size) to frame my children’s art work. These are a great addition and it means you can update as you need to.

DIY Artwork Showcase - Toy Storage

5. Store The Toys Outside

It’s a nice idea for storing outdoor toys for kids. Not only does it give them a place, but it also makes it easy for kids to go get them so they don’t need to run in and out of the house. If you have some small buckets lying around, here’s a nice way to arrange your kids’ toys that they like to play with outside the home or in the backyard. In case you don’t have buckets to spare for this cool toy storage project, you can buy galvanized buckets from a nearby home supplies store. Make sure you label the buckets so it’s easier to find toys and arrange them back later.

Outside Toy Storage Idea

6. See -Through and Labelled Plastic Containers

If you are tired of cleaning up bits and pieces of your kid’s favourite games and artwork, you can arrange them in see-through plastic containers. Just so your kids know what goes in the containers, put labels on them. But if you had a tiny tot who can't read yet, it would be better to get coloured containers and tell them to remember which coloured container is for storing what item. Isn't this one of the simplest toy storage ideas in this list?

Plastic Containers Toy Storage Ideas

7. Labelled Tote Bags To Store Toys

You’ve probably seen this type of personalised tote bags. If you’ve got some tote bags to spare for your kids’ toy storage project, find the set of toys that would fit the tote bags and order some labels for them online. You can keep them out of the way by hanging them in areas where kids can easily access them, like on the back of a door, but first ensure whether the hangers and hooks are sturdy enough to hold the bags up.

Labelled Tote Bags To Store Toys

8. Toy Storage Under the Bed

If you wanted to save space and keep the toys fairly accessible for your young ones, it’s a nice idea to store toys and other stuff in boxes or drawers and place them under their bed. Not only does it save your time, but also helps their rooms stay a bit tidier. Again, it’s better to label the drawers, boxes, and containers as you can see in the examples.

Toy Storage Organisation Under Bed

These easy to implement toy storage organisation ideas will make your everyday life easier and your place will look clean and organised. Most of the things you need are probably already lying around your house. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite toy storage ideas from the list, unleash your creativity, and have fun!

Deanna Foster