Having a small kitchen can sometimes become a big issue! It can be tough to keep small kitchen spaces organised. But here’s a good news: there are plenty of creative ways you can increase leg room, counter-top real estate and storage space in your kitchen. In this post, we have compiled some nifty kitchen space saving ideas to organise small kitchen, so you can make the most out of every square foot available in your kitchen.

How To Organise Small Kitchen

1. Store dry food items in containers and leave them out on the counter-top

To free up space in your kitchen cabinets, use clear food storage containers to store dry food products and label them all. Simply leave them out on the kitchen countertop. Even better, stack them up as you like. This way you can store so many food items from pasta and spices to cookies and biscuits near where you’d need to use them. Not just that, see-through containers with sticky labels of same design look so cool if you stack them together!

Store Dry Food Items in Containers

2. Use bins and boxes for kitchen storage

It’s always a great idea to declutter your pantry with a bunch of bins or woven boxes which look good too. Many homes have a few of these to spare and it’s cheap to get them from a local store in case you don’t have them lying around. You can even use some old wooden Champagne cases which work great for storing small kitchen items such as coffee and tea. To keep things organised, don’t forget to label them with the right tags so you always know what goes where. It has become quite easy to order custom print labels online, so you better make use of it in your kitchen storage solutions.

Bins and Boxes for Kitchen Storage

3. Have a good container system in place

In order to build a space saver kitchen pantry, it’s essential that you realise the potential of having a good container system in place. That way you can store everything in the right kind of containers — from clear plastic containers for pastas and flours, to metal tins for other food supplies. Again, don’t forget to label them - it’s only going to make your life so much easier!

4. Use other rooms for storage

If you have a small kitchen space, you can still make use of other rooms in your home to help get rid of some of the clutter that might have built up in your kitchen over time. You can move cutlery, plates, and barware to the living room area and place them in cabinets or shelves where it’s quick and easy to get them. You can even use your dining room or lounge for this. Other way to do this is to simply stack your tableware in the dining room on shelves which won’t just look neat but also free up a lot of room in your kitchen.

5. Use smaller furniture in your kitchen

Though there’s not much you can do about the size of your kitchen, but you can definitely get a smaller-than-usual furniture if you have a small kitchen space. For example, look at the kitchen featured in the image below. It uses a half-moon table rather than a full, round table, which would have used up a lot more space. In case you already have large furniture in your kitchen, you could move it to other parts of your house where you have more space available.

Smaller furniture in your kitchen

6. Use the space above your fridge / kitchen platform

This list of pantry ideas for small spaces would be incomplete without this one. It’s surprising to notice how many of our homes sparingly use the space above the fridge or kitchen platform. If you want to efficiently use up all the space you have in your kitchen, it’s important that you take some time to plan a storage solution for the space over the fridge or kitchen platform. Not only can you use it as an open storage for pots, pans and other utensils, you can even place larger bins to store other items in your pantry.

Space Above Your Fridge / Kitchen Platform

7. Hang items over your stove area

Want to know another often underused and overlooked spot in the kitchen? It’s the space above your stove. Most kitchens have a hood over the stove which can be used for hanging items, but you can also use up that wall space by placing a shelf or pot rail there. You can hang things like pots, pans, spoons and turners this way and save up a lot of space in your kitchen.

Space over your stove area

8. Use the bottom surface of your cabinets and shelves for storage

Just when you think you have run out of ideas for saving space in your kitchen, think again! It’s possible that your cabinets and shelves are already full and they can't hold even a single extra container, but have you thought of using their undersides yet? One creative idea is to create a floating spice rack under the bottom of your kitchen cabinets as can be seen in the image illustration below. Or you can place hooks to the bottoms of cabinets to hold small kitchen tools or coffee mugs. If you want to simplify the process of organising your kitchen pantry, place bins and tins on top, and hang the mason jars underneath.

bottom surface of your cabinets and shelves for storage

9. Use the space between your fridge and the wall

If you’re trying to squeeze out a few extra inches of space in your kitchen, but can’t find any more storage space, here’s a nice idea. Even if you have a tiny bit of space between the fridge and the wall, it can be used for storing some of the items which don’t go in the cabinets. One of the best space saving ideas for kitchen is to build a sliding open storage with racks to store anything from coffee mugs and tiny containers. This way you can use up these few inches of wasted space and turn it into a space efficient storage unit.

Deanna Foster