Welcome to a sneak peak look inside Pretty Little Designs Pantry.
I’m often asked how I keep my pantry so well organised so today I thought I’d try something different and share a few tips on pantry organisation with you all today. This is after all the reason Pretty Little Designs began, my love of organising. Let me know by commenting below if you enjoy this.

LABELS - I’m going to start with labels cause quite simply not only are they cute but they are hugely effective in your pantry organisation. Knowing exactly what is stored in each container or basket will save you time when you’re looking for something and help you to maintain order when putting your shopping away. I have chosen to use font 2 on my pantry labels of the custom labels which you can purchase here

Pretty Little Designs Pantry Stickers and organising your pantry tips

I offer several labels to suit most budgets so make sure you stop by and have a look. These are a sample of some of the pre printed labels. They are still made from vinyl however these are printed on making them more budget friendly. You can view one style here Pre Printed Pantry Stickers However there is other options available on the website under the Kitchen Pantry labels 

BASKETS - Baskets are a simple, organised, cheap and easy way to create an organised space. Always see what you have and use and label into categories. I have stored in mine things like crackers, baking supplies, side dishes, snacks etc. Items I don’t use as often I have stored on my top shelf.

Pretty Little Designs Pantry Labels Organising your pantry on a budget

CONTAINERS - I am a big fan of using clear, labelled & stackable containers. I think it truly helps to keep a space neat. You can visually see your quantities more efficiently, and there are no more empty boxes sitting on the shelves. Which makes the shelf much less cluttered and you can stack containers on top to utilise all your space. For use by dates I add to the bottom the chalk board labels where I can write the use by date on with chalk and update as required. You can buy these here.

So there you have it. A look inside my pantry and see tips for organising your own. Ill be adding to this over time but this gives you a great head start to organising your pantry.

Hope you enjoyed, Thanks so much for reading and if you have and other posts you would like me to add feel free to let me know. 

Deanna xx


Deanna Foster