Storage space in your pantry is never enough, but you can always have more space by deploying quirky and witty ideas. Here are some amazing pantry hacks to easily squeeze in that extra something in your pantry.

Pantry Organisation

Amazing Pantry Hacks to Utilise Space

1. Magazine Racks

Magazine racks of all and any shapes and sizes could be used for storing a range of pantry stuff. All it needs a little creative thinking. Stack neatly your bean cans, pressing seal and cling wrap boxes in magazine holders you thought to throw away.

2. Pantry Door Hack

Just when you thought what use a pantry door could be to store kitchen things, here is the answer. You could get nicely done DIY shelves on the back of the pantry door to store mayo, jalapeno, olive, oregano bottles here.

3. Laundry Bags

Hanging mesh laundry bags could be of more use than the obvious one. These inexpensive laundry bags are available at a Walmart or a supermarket near you. Put stuff like potatoes and onions and hang them on vacuum suction cup hangers.

4. Stacks

Easy to find at any hardware store, stacks are an amazing way to store containers. Stacks give a better view of the containers thus making it easier to spot and pick the just the container you need.

5. Pocket Pantry Organisers

Pocket or a wall organiser can be used to store any kind of stuff. Put snacks or candies in the hanging pockets to make it easier for the kids to grab them on their way to school.

6. Wire Baskets

Storing food item boxes as it is, eat up a lot of space. The best way to overcome this is to remove these boxes and place the inner plastic bags in wire baskets. Wire baskets make the food items more visible, thus saving you from the hassle of digging in. To add on into organising, you can also add Acrylic plates with label on them.

7. Lazy Susan

The most efficient way to cover the corners of your pantry is installing Lazy Susans. This carousel plate not only gives you extra space in the corners but also makes it much easier to reach out to things.

8. Under-shelf Racks

A great way to use pantry shelves to your advantage are these under-shelf shelves. Under-shelves create absolutely new space in your pantry, just by hanging themselves from the shelf itself. The bread packets could just hang in there.

9. Tension Rods

One of the coolest ways to store stuff like chopping boards, lids and trays are the tension rods. Create dividers specific your requirements using tension rods.

10. Risers

Just like under-shelves, risers also add to extra real estate to your pantry. Instead of creating space under the shelf, risers create space between two shelves, which gives you space under the riser as well as on the riser to store.

Deanna Foster