4 Amazing Kitchen Containers You Need


Storing dry food could be a huge hassle. They are packed in paper or plastic bags quite often. Store these in your kitchen cupboards and there might spill over. What could possibly save from this fuss are kitchen containers. Kitchen containers are multiutility items which not only help store food items but also save space, prevent food from spilling, keep food fresh, and organise kitchen cupboards.

One of the biggest factors for choosing kitchen containers is the material type. Whether you choose plastic, acrylic, glass, you should be sure that it's strong and durable. The containers will get lots of wear in your kitchen cupboards, so having something that's well-built will help them last a long time. Another factor is the lids. There are various closing systems available for kitchen containers such as sealing lids, latching canisters, push-button closures etc. And lastly, you need to figure out how much food you need to store. That would help you decide the size of the containers you need.

Here is a List of 4 Types of Pantry Containers for Kitchen Use Which Would Make Your Life Easier.

1. Magnetic Spice Jars

The perfect jar type for storing spices, herbs and other seasonings, these magnetic spice jars are a must-have for your kitchen. The food safe tin keeps your food fresh and has a window lid that makes easier to spot what's in that. The magnets at the bottom of the jars allow you to attach it to a steel surface and, in case you want a steel plate to attach six of them,  you could buy it separately. The stack-friendly design makes them save the space as you can pile them up instead of attaching them on steel.

Magnetic Spice Jar Containers

2. Push Top Containers

By far the best type of closure system is the push top. It makes the container airtight, disallowing humidity and air to enter thus keeping your food intact. The push buttons are easy to operate and create a bombproof seal with the silicon running along the edge of the lid, while the best part being opening up in a simple click. Stack-friendly design makes them save space and they come in a wide variety of storage capacities. You can also have customised label along with 20 font options and 8 different font colours. The BPA-free plastic containers keep your food fresh.

Push Top Containers

3. Glass Spice Jars

The classic glass jars have been in use as kitchen containers since times immemorial. Although a little heavier, glass jars are the best way to store food items without even giving a second thought. You don’t have to screw or twist the lids to close the containers. The bamboo lids have strong suction cups which create super tight seals and keep the containers airtight, securing the food items from staling. Pile them up and save space in your cupboards. You can get customised pretty labels to organise these amazing glass jars well.

Glass Spice Jars

4. Plastic Container Set-

The airtight and spill-proof plastic containers with stick-on labels are the best option to organise your kitchen cupboard. The BPA-free plastic containers are tall and stackable with lock lid mechanism that ensures nothing is spilled when locked in. These are the best storage containers for refrigerators as they can store liquids too.

Plastic Container Set
We hope you got to know about different types of kitchen containers and how they would make your life easy.


Deanna Foster