In the last 70 years, the production of plastic in the world has risen by 200 times. If this production is cumulated, the figure would touch 7.8 billion tonnes which means one tonne of plastic for every person in the world by today’s human population of the world.

About 8 million pieces of plastic reach oceans every day, which is causing an irreversible loss to marine life. There are numerous facts and figures about plastic pollution which tell us every day how it is making the earth less livable by each passing day.

A small step toward curbing the plastic waste could be taken by reusing storage bottles. Well, the discussion above is an overwhelming reason why you should reuse storage bottles, although there are several other reasons as well, to reuse bottles.

Here are 4 reasons why we should reuse storage bottles

Reusable bottles

1. You Save Money By Reusing Bottles

Half a litre bottle in Australia costs $2.5, and that would be a bottle of water. An oil bottle would surely be much higher than that. If you buy smaller units of oil bottles every time you go to Kmart or Big W, you are not only pushing the production of plastic but also spending more. Buying a storage bottle every time, you spend money. Reusing bottles would save you a great deal of money spent on buying bottles every time. Buy our oil & vinegar glass bottles for your kitchen daily use.

2.Healthier Choice

Plastic bottles have toxic chemicals and have been proven to cause diseases such as breast cancer. Plastic bottles leach these harmful chemicals into everything they are stored with on a prolonged use or being exposed to high temperatures. Thus it is recommended to use either BPA-free plastic, storage bottles made of stainless steel or glass bottles.

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3.Reuse for Better Functionality

Functionality is one of the great reasons why some people reuse bottles. There are liquid soap and shampoo bottles with functional features such as pump dispensing caps which offers you better usability than screw cap bottles.

4.Saves Environment

In the US alone 17 million barrels of oil are used to make 50 billion plastic bottles each year. This number will not easily come down, we tend to buy new plastic bottles every time we need one. This is contributing huge proportions to the plastic waste created every year. By reusing storage bottles we can save the environment from lethal plastic that takes thousands of years to degrade.
Increasing plastic pollution may be one of the biggest reasons to reuse storage bottles, yet reasons such as saving money, opting for healthier options and better functionality can be great drivers to reusing storage bottles.

June 25, 2019 — Deanna Foster

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