Did your kid have an awesome year at the school? Was his or her learning experience marked by sound guidance? It is time to revert with warmth and a full heart.

Best & Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

1. Tote Bag

A tote bag is an absolute delight when it comes to gifting it to a lady. It is handy as well as functional and that is what a woman might want the most.


2. Teachers Lanyard

A teacher's lanyard with a tiny carabiner could be of amazing use. It can hold an ID card, keys or anything else you want to hang around. Buy Teachers Lanyard to gift your teacher.
Teacher lanyard

3. Personalized Notepads

Something that could be warm, is a personalized notepad and a pen. Personalize them with their names on it, it would be treasured for a lifetime. A notepad can help your teacher jot down anything, anywhere, anytime.
Personalised Notepads - Teacher Gift Idea

4. Wine Bottle Labels

Wine bottle labels could be the perfect gift to your teacher. Personalize the labels with their names. Purchase these amazing Wine Bottle Labels.
Wine Bottle Labels - Teacher Gift Idea

5. Personalized Greeting Card

Let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate them with a quality greeting card that includes your child’s name as well as your family name.
Personalised Greeting Card -Teacher Gift Idea

6. Plant Label

Whether or not your kid’s teacher is a plant lover or not, this label would surely keep the plat you gift her for the lifetime. The savoury message- “Thank you for helping me grow” would be cherished. Purchase this beautiful Plant Label today!
Plant Label - Teacher Gift Idea

7. Stick on Labels

Another absolutely amazing thing to gift a teacher is stick on name labels. It would help them identify their belongings easily and to spot them in case they misplace it. Personalise them with their names on. Buy our Personalised name lables to make personalised gifts.
Stick on labels - Teacher Gift Idea

8. Notebook Decal

A sort of an extension to the stick on label is the notebook decal. Instead of covering a small part of the cover, a notebook decal spreads over the whole cover. Personalise the notebook decal with their names.
Notebook Decal - Teacher Gift Idea

9. Chalkboard Stickers

Nothing is better than gifting a chalkboard sticker to a teacher. There is something so symbolic about it. These name stickers are safe as well as removable and come with amazing shapes and sizes.Chalkboard Stickers - Teacher Gift Ideas

10. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candles

Scented oil candles are the most refreshing gift for anyone. The aromatic candles have a therapeutic effect on effect. They come in a wide range of fragrance such as Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine, Geraniums and many more. Buy your Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candles today!

Candles - Teacher Gift Idea

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Super our things 🖤❤️

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Super our things 🖤❤️

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