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The shock of the extra cooked food you stored in the fridge started smelling and tasting bad the other day is no surprise, but is stressful.
It takes no time for the food stored in the containers to go in the bin because of being spoiled. Not just the spoilage, this even leads to chaos in the kitchen or the pantry if the containers are not stackable. They will add to the storage crisis even when not in use.
For preventing food spoilage or lessening the chaos in the kitchen, it is important to have the right food storage containers. Stackable containers with an airtight seal and leak-proof feature are considered the best containers for storing every kitchen food staple. Apart from easing the storage, having the right food storage containers does wonder for kitchen organisation.
Whether for storing spices, oil, dry goods, snacks, or anything else, you can have the container for storing every food staple in your pantry. Though the requirement for containers is unique for every home, it is the reason why Pretty Little Designs have a wide assortment of food storage containers for sale.
From pantry sets including different sized containers to small mason jars to large canister jars to bottles and many more. While maintaining the freshness of contents, these super stylish containers are sure to add some spice to your kitchen. Let us look at some of the containers from the collection:
  1. Fridge Fresh Keeper Container: Perfect for storing fruits and vegetables and preserving their freshness in the refrigerator. With the help of inserts, the container can be divided into two sections. The container's lid has a vent system that controls the flow of air, humidity and prevents spoilage.
  2. PLD Push Top White Lid Pantry Container Set: Our clear containers are a smart and efficient kitchen storage solution. The airtight push top lids help in preventing moisture from entering and keeping the items fresh. These food storage containers are suitable for storing various everyday pantry staples like cereals, dry goods, snacks, biscuits, kernels, nuts, seeds, etc.
  3. PLD 4L Black Lid Pantry Container (Push top Seal): This airtight container is best for storing food staples like flour, baking ingredients, rice, sugar and everything you like to store in bulk.
  4. PLD 20 Piece Natural Bamboo Glass Spice Jar Set: Besides being a gorgeous addition to your kitchen, our glass spice jars are ideal for your spice storage. The airtight bamboo lid of these food storage containers helps in keeping their aroma fresh.
At Pretty Little Designs, we offer nice see-through glass and plastic containers in bamboo, tin and plastic lids. The kitchen food storage containers are available in an assortment of sets and sizes. You can buy these best quality containers in bulk or loose and get them delivered at your doorstep, anywhere in Australia.