Is it starting to get difficult for you to stand in front of a hot stove for long? If yes, summer is all here to turn up your kitchen hot.

The constant heatwaves ramp up the kitchen temperature, which restricts you from entering inside. Well, you must be thinking that despite the heat, you need to enter.

Don’t worry. We have the solution to keep the heat at bay from the kitchen, allowing you to cook without dripping sweat.

Here is How to Cool Down a Hot Kitchen.

1. Use Modern Kitchen Appliances

The stove and oven are the main elements that warm up the entire kitchen atmosphere. To prevent the kitchen from boiling up, replace them with modern appliances like a slow cooker, rice cooker, and electric oven as these tend to emit less heat.

2. Switch Off Unnecessary Lights

A kitchen without aesthetic & bright lighting seems dull and lifeless. But, do you know these lights can also heat your kitchen? Block the heat by switching off the unnecessary lights. It will not only minimise the kitchen temperature but also save you some fortune by saving energy.

3. Store Dry Food in Airtight Containers

The food inside your kitchen cabinets cannot be escaped by the summer heat. Even you must have observed the food losing its flavour, colour, nutrients, taste and fragrance during the summers, leaving it of no use.

To prevent this from happening, replace your regular food storage jars with airtight containers. This is an easy way to protect your food as the jars' airtight seal blocks the moisture and preserves its freshness for long.

4. Prep No-cook Meals

To prevent your kitchen from heating up, you can also reduce the usage of a stove and oven in the kitchen by prepping no-cook meals like salad, fruit smoothie, cold sandwiches, wraps, soups etc. These types of meals can be refreshing in the relentless heat of summers.

5. Install A Fan

Whatever be the kitchen size, heat while cooking, and stuffiness inside can drive you crazy after a while. Install an exhaust fan over a stove for ventilation or place a table fan on top of the fridge to get the air inside moving. Also, open the window only if it has the window screen to let in the fresh air.

6. Cook Early in the Day

The temperature reaches unimaginable heights during noon. Prepare your meal in the morning hours itself before the sun hits your kitchen.

7. Close the Kitchen Shades

To stop the sunlight from mysteriously entering your kitchen and overheating it, pull down the window shades while cooking.

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Deanna Foster