There is no part of your home which does not require organisation needs. They can be ranked according the organisation needs but not place of the house can be completely kept out of it.

For most of us kitchens stand at the top of the list of places which need continuous organisation. The second on the list may vary from person to person, for us it is the bathroom. Bathrooms have evolved over time; they are no more seen as a “place for ablutions”, in fact modern bathrooms are next to bedrooms when it comes to customisation.

These modern bathrooms have greater need for organising stuff, just like our kitchens. Here are 6 organisation ideas for your bathroom which would help you organise the storage better.

how to organise a bathroom?

Here are 6 Essential Bathroom Organisation Ideas
  • Mason Jars

Apart from lotions, toothpastes, gargles and other essential things which are designed to stand, there are stuff such as razors and toothbrushes which need support. Mason jars are the best things to hold such things. They are round and do not occupy much space in the cabinets.


  • Labels

Just like kitchens there could be a lot of stuff in your bathroom as well, stored in jars, bottles and square boxes. And just like kitchens how about putting labels on the storage containers? Labels for bathroom bottles make it easy to spot things, be it transparent or opaque containers.


  • Pump Bottles

Shampoos, liquid soaps, conditioners and other toiletries comes in bottles of different shapes, sizes and dispensing systems. Similar pump bottles would save you from the clutter, would save space, and have a similar dispensing system i.e. pumps across toiletries.


  • Everyday Makeup Storage

If you are someone who likes to get glamorous in your robe and only go to the dressing table for a touch up, bathroom makeup storage is for you. Get caddies or makeup organisers that can be mounted on the side wall of the mirror in the bathroom and dump all those brushes, lipstick shades, powder boxes in it. For better organisation, put makeup organisation labels on them.


  • Toilet Paper Basket

Probably the most creative bathroom organisation idea is stacking all your toilet paper rolls over the water compartment. Save storage space in the floor cabinets and make the full use of the empty space in the bathroom. Stack all the toilet paper you bought for the next 6 months on a tray-like basket and place it neatly over the WC.


  • Clear Plastic Bins

Yet another amazing bathroom organising idea is using clear plastic bins under the sink. Sink has a lot of space, but no partitions and these plastic bins create partitions which helps in keeping stuff separate. Clear bins help in spotting what’s inside, making it easy to retrieve things.

Organising bathrooms could be an absolute fun, with the right things it just becomes easier. Check out more such amazing products for organising your bathroom on

Deanna Foster