Traditional houses are located in large carpet areas whereas modern houses are becoming compact day by day. Traditional houses are planned with separate rooms for different activities. In contrast, modern houses are designed to access everything around easily. Traditional homeowners have to memories different places to put a lot of things. In contrast, modern homeowners stay busy detangling different items in one place.

But both the houses need to be arranged systematically. No matter which type of house you own, the most embarrassing thing is to spend your precious time searching for things every day.

To save a lot of time and effort, we suggest that both types of homeowners use labels for house labelling.

Why House Labelling?

You can organize every corner of your home with the labels so that you never forget to put the item in the right place and never waste time searching for it again.

Whether it is the kitchen, study room, garage, office or any other place in your home, you can easily organize your space without worrying about the boring, mundane activities of organizing things all the time.

Label The Following Items Around Home

So whether you have a traditional or modern home, we are mentioning some common items that you can label for quick access and proper classification.

You won’t forget your tools, food items, spices, and other essential items if you label them. Even if someone else uses them, it will be easy for them to understand and find something easily.

Drawers & Cabinets

Items inside the drawers, too, need some sorting. Whether it's an office file cabinet or a personal wardrobe, using labels helps everyone know what goes where.


Containers are the most important tools in our daily lives. Personalized labels will ensure you don't misplace containers. You or anyone else won’t add sugar powder instead of salt while preparing food.


While baskets sort a lot of clutter and help in all areas at home, adding some labels helps make everything better. It will be easier to know what is in baskets that are on lower shelves or higher shelves than your eyesight without having to peek in each one.

Bottles & Sprays

Whether you've created different DIY solutions for cleaning or storing different insecticide sprays for the garden, you need to distinguish them with personalized name labels to choose the right one for the right time.

Conclusion: Get Your House Organized with Personalized Labels

If you have kids in your home, you will understand how useful personalized labels are for you. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, labels will make things easier for you to keep your home clean and organized.

Save precious time and effort with Pretty Little Designs' exclusive personalized labels for every section of your home. 

Deanna Foster