PLD 4L Black Lid Pantry Container (Push Top Seal)

A well-designed pantry container will not only make your kitchen look great but also save your time. Using pantry containers help us to categorise your dry goods in an organised way.  It helps you know where everything is and a great organised pantry saves you time and money. Our PLD airtight containers are not only stackable but the perfect way to organise your pantry and ingredients. 

Our 4L container has also become famous for a way to store bread. So is now also commonly referred to as bread box. 

PLD's choice for - Cereals, Bread & Flours


Our PLD pantry container pack is ideal to stack securely for a space efficient solution for food storage in your pantry or kitchen cabinets. The push lock lid mechanism means when the lock is closed, the silicone seal applies uniform pressure. When opened, the seal releases and the top is easily removed,  preserving the freshness of all your dry food staples. It also has a rod inside to hang your lid keeping the area clean and tidy. 


  • Capactiy - 4L
  • 27cm x 15.5cm x 18cm

Key Features

  • Cleaning and care -  We recommend hand washing your containers once labels are applied. With no labels the pantry containers are dishwasher safe.
  • High Quality - BPA-free and durable plastic canister
  • Air tight - Push top lid mechanism keeps the seal locked down for freshness of all your dry goods.
  • Stackable -  Stack securely for a space efficient solution in your pantry.
  • User-Friendly - Simply push down on the button to release and push again to lock in the freshness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Deborah Edmondson
Fresh Bread!

Fantastic product to keep your bread loaf fresh for ages!

4Lt Pantry Container

Perfect for a loaf of bread
Keeps fresh and you can see what’s in each container

Black 4L pantry container

Great for cereal and looks good too

Kelsey Hirst
Love the sizing!

Bought this for our cereal as we buy the value packs. Just perfect. Even had one spare for the loaf of bread - keeps it fresher for longer and saves up space 😍

Pamela Hill
PDL 4L container with push top

I use this container for my loaf of bread 🍞 which easily fits once you have removed the first 2 slices and keeps it fresh and takes up less room. Love it