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The kitchen is the heart of every house but also the place where most of the chaos occurs. Keeping it decluttered is a real challenge. It takes just a second to get messy.
There’s always something or the other going on, like food staples spilled over because of loose lids of containers, pour wrong ingredients because of the confusion, or you are always scrolling through different containers in search of a particular ingredient. These are some common kitchen mishaps, but the most exhausting.
Well, you can overcome this in a second by replacing your regular pantry containers with our glass pantry storage containers.

Benefits of Having Glass Storage Containers

When stored in glass containers, the food staples are easily visible. Glass containers are perfect for food storage as they do not leach chemicals into food. Once cleaned, they do not possess the odour of food, and airtight seals even prevent food from rotting due to weather.

Some Popular Glass Containers for Storage

Apart from these advantages, glass containers blossom the whole kitchen with their subtleness and usefulness. Pretty Little Designs offer a wide assortment of glass containers for the pantry. From a spice jar to an oil bottle to large food containers, we have it all. Let’s look at some of the glass pantry containers.
1L Glass Canister Jar with Bamboo Lid: There is no chance of your precious treats or grab and go snacks getting soggy when stored in these glass containers because of the airtight lid.
12 Pack Square Glass Spice Jar with Shaker: You need not pull the big spice container for a little seasoning. Our square shaped glass jars with shakers are an easy, practical yet stylish way to dispense your dried herbs. With shakers, you can even control the flow. By storing in these, you can preserve the flavours and aroma of the spices.
Black Bamboo Glass Bottle with Spout: The bottle consists of a spout, which is perfect for storing the liquids, be it oil, vinegar, sauces, etc., to avoid extra pouring and spilling in the kitchen or the dish.
1.6L Tall Spaghetti PLD Black Glass Canister Jar with Bamboo Lid: Long airtight jars are a special addition to the pantry. Not just spaghetti, these can be used for various storing food staples like noodles, pasta, cookies, long stick treats, chips, coffee beans, dried goods, cereals, nuts etc.

Glass Pantry Containers at Pretty Little Designs

At Pretty Little Designs, we offer glass storage containers in various sizes & forms. Each glass container is made with durable glass and comes with airtight lids. You can choose from the plastic and bamboo lid, as both types are available. With PLD, it is easy to shop glass jars individually or in sets.