Has food spoilage become frequent nowadays? Leafy greens got all slimy and went to the bin without getting consumed? Unwanted critters ruined the dry goods stored in the pantry? Biscuits turned all chewy? Spices lost their taste? That’s because you stored them wrong. 

When it comes to food storage, many of us make mistakes like not covering the food, covering hot food too soon, storing dry goods in their original packaging and many more. Which not only results in food wastage but also leads to health issues at times. 

Let's look at the common food storage mistakes and how to fix them. 

Food Storage Mistakes 

Storing Leafy Greens In Plastic Bags

When stored in a plastic bag, you must have noticed greens like lettuce turn all wet, wrinkled and slimy. That's because the plastic doesn't allow the air to circulate around the leaves. Store the greens in perforated containers to keep them fresh for a long. 

Refrigerating Wet Fruits & Vegetables 

Do you wash and instantly stock the fruits & vegetables in the fridge? Stop doing it right away. You are inviting the bacteria to grow and ruin the food. 

Wash them before consuming them. If the groceries are too dirty, wash them and let them dry before storing them in the fridge. 

Not Labeling The Food Items 

Do you always toss different containers to find a spice while the dish is on the stove and turn your pantry into a mess? This will happen every time if you don't label your containers! 

Labels would help you identify and chuck out the item within a second. Yes, literally! You can save a ton of time and prevent your pantry from turning into a mess. 

Storing The Spices Near The Stove 

The shelf above or near the stove is a handy option for many to store the spices. But, it is not where you should store them. The heat from the stove quickly dries out the oil in the spices and degrades their flavour, taste and fragrance. Not just this, moisture is another reason why storing spices next to the stove is a big no! 

Using The Wrong Food Storage Containers 

Improper food containers are the major reason behind food spoilage. What food storage containers do you use? It's time when you should replace them all with food-grade containers with airtight lids and leak-proof feature. These are considered ideal for storing every food staple in your pantry and maintaining their freshness. 

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Deanna Foster