Bamboo canister Set

Everything needs a little freshening up for better working. From our mobile phone to our home, EVERYTHING!!

When it comes to our home, a kitchen is the soul of it, where many of us spend most of our time. So, how attractive is your kitchen? When you step in, do you keep on staring at those old jars and sets? Then it definitely needs some refreshment.

It is possible to make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing when you enter. You could easily pull off this on your own by creating space for bamboo kitchen products. Bamboo is an excellent kitchenware material with multiple benefits. It is durable, lightweight, flexible, eco-friendly, and looks more inviting.

For upscaling the kitchen, go for bamboo kitchen products such as bamboo spice jars and canister sets.

Wondering what makes bamboo a different material? We have listed some facts about bamboo that makes it a solution for our modern requirements.

Bamboo is a type of grass

This evergreen plant belongs to the grass family, Poaceae. Because of its impressive height, it is mistaken as a tree. The giant & sturdy stems of the bamboo seem to look like trees that are used for making wooden articles. But, in reality, bamboo has characteristics in common with grass and is considered the largest member of the grass family.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural resource

Bamboo is an antifungal and antibacterial plant full of natural elements. It is naturally grown within a short span of time than the other plants and requires no fertilisers or harmful pesticides for enhancing its growth.

Bamboo regrows without replanting and grows much faster with less water consumption, making it the most sustainable material for essential kitchen products. It also tends to improve soil quality and control soil erosion. It is more resistant to rot and is also UV resistant, making it a smart choice for all products, from kitchenware to clothing.

Bamboo is environment friendly

Bamboo plays a crucial role in balancing carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. It is known for absorbing mass of carbon dioxide and releasing 30%-35% clean & fresh oxygen more than the equal number of trees, fighting against dangerous global warming.

Bamboo is a strong substitute for steel

Bamboo is a strong, durable, and lightweight material used as the replacement of 70% of steel. It dares to withstand the forceful elements, which makes it suitable for developing properties. People are considering it as the best alternative to steel and using it for the construction of buildings.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, which makes it quite distinct from other plants. Among the number of bamboo species, some grow 36 inches in 24 hours and reach heights in their maturity period of three to five years. 

In ancient times, Bamboo was used for creating light bulbs
Apart from the range of bamboo products, another invention that used bamboo material was light bulbs by Thomas Edison. He introduced to us that carbonised bamboo is an excellent lamp filament. The light bulb is another exciting invention that was possible through bamboo.


Bamboo is the most versatile material & an amazing option for changing the complete outlook. You could find diverse bamboo product ranges at Pretty Little Designs and use them for decluttering and styling your space quickly.

Some of our bamboo products include bamboo kitchen canister sets and bamboo spice jars that are beautifully designed to organise your kitchen and make it functional and pretty.

Deanna Foster