The pandemic has changed everything around the world and everything around the individuals too. It has affected and altered our working environment, as a lot of us are working from home these days. 


Working from home gives you a completely different vibe. And to get feel of the work, a home office can do the job. Some of you might have a designated office at home, but some will have to find space for creating a home office. 

It does not require any planning, just some ideas for inspiration. Firstly decide whether you want to settle on a small desk or a fully equipped space, then start making your home workspace by: 

Changing the layout

Shifting, some furniture of your living room or bedroom can make space where you can set up your desk. It might be possible the complete outlook of your home may change, things may not be in their perfect position after this shifting, but at least you will have a space where you can begin your work life and pause your home life. 

Converting a cupboard

You can designate some space in a spare cupboard or an area in your walk-in-wardrobe to fix a low profile desk. All your office folders, files and even a printer can be kept covering the space on the desk. This shelving can be closed when you shut the office door and keep it out of sight whenever you want. 

Adding a curtain or room divider for privacy

When bringing your office home, you will want to feel like you have entered your office and left your home. The separation between your living room and workspace can work. A room divider or a curtain is a great way, as when closed will separate the work area from the living room. 

Creating accessible storage

The workplace requires room for storage, and you should use every inch of it. But when there is no built-in storage option, you can create it with stackable baskets or boxes. 

These are some fantastic assortments you can use in your home office to store all your office supplies and give your office a decluttered look. Also, the collections can be easily accessible, keeping everything neat and tidy. 


Labels can be your ultimate stress reliever. Adding labels to almost everything in your home office can make things highlight and easy to find when searching for them and keeping clutter out of the office and desk. 

In your home office, you can use labels to organise everything. Use printable labels for labelling bins, binders, drawers and shelves. Label your files, drawers, and boxes so that your family will know that these are some off-limit items that should not be disturbed.

Labelling adds a major transformation to everything. When you are working in your home office, time flies like anything and the whole day you will be running after things. But labelling comes with a lot of ease and time saving as it will cut out your extra time to find and look for things you need. 

Deanna Foster