Even after organising everything, the chaos is still all over the place? Because of it, do you, your kids, and everybody else at home need to always search for items? Or mix things in the confusion of which one is what? We know how frustrating it is. But your organisation is missing an important element, LABELS! 

Labels are the magical elements of the organisation that enhance the charm and solves all the what, where questions. If you are wondering about the ways to label, we have listed some easy and quick ways to label anything and everything. Let's look at what these are:

Ways to Label Anything & Everything

Use Chalkboard Tape

Chalkboard tape is an easy labelling option. The tape comes just like the stickers, on a non-adhesive sheet that you just need to peel off at the time of use. Labelling with chalkboard tape is pretty simple, just cut the size you want, peel it off, stick on the surface, write with a chalk marker, and done! You can clean using the tissue, clean cloth or chalk eraser and write it over again. Not just for labelling, chalkboard tape can be used for decorating, crafting, personalising gifts, creating your kid's projects and for many more purposes.

Write with Paint Pen on Plastic

How easy it is to grab a pen and write on the paper, isn't it? Just like that, it is possible to label it in the same way. Grab a paint pen and label it down, simple. Paint pen labels are suitable for the bins, jars, containers or other plain surface boxes. Plus, if you wish to change the label, you can change it as the paint pen can be wiped off. But remember, good handwriting is the real attraction!

Use Hanging Tags for baskets

It is quite difficult to label the baskets or bins with uneven surfaces, such as baskets made with natural fibres like jute, designer plastic bins or cloth baskets as they do not possess a hard surface. Most of the traditional labels do not adhere to the surface. Here comes the hanging tags. With so many options available like bamboo, wood, cardboard hanging tags, you can select the one that goes with your style and the basket or bins. Plus, you can easily take them off whenever you want.

Use Bin clips

Nowadays, every home has hyacinth baskets, bins and other home decor or furniture products. These are just so gorgeous that no one can resist getting a few for themselves or the home. But the real challenge is their woven texture, which makes it difficult to label. Use the clip-on tags or bin clips. You can either write it on your own, print a sticker or attach a vinyl label on the tag and hang it on the side.

Stick Self Adhesive Vinyl labels

The most effective, durable, fun and easy peasy option for labelling everything and every surface. While using the vinyl labels, you can get the colour, design, font, size of the labels as per your choice. These are simple to use; you just have to peel off and stick them on the surface. The vinyl labels tend to remain on the surface for longer than you think.

High-quality Vinyl Labels at Pretty Little Designs

Labels mean Pretty Little Designs. Our collection of labels is designed to sort your life and ace your organisation game. We provide high-quality labels made from vinyl material that won't peel off from the surface easily, won't deteriorate and tend to remain for a long time in the same condition.

You can explore our entire label range and get some for anything & everything you wish to add labels on!

Deanna Foster