Glass Storage Jars

Plastic is all that can be seen all over the kitchen and pantry. Do you feel happy when you see mismatched plastic containers or plastic bags of contents? No, right. Plastic makes the space look like a mess. Also, you must have seen plastic containers lose their quality over time.

Replacing these with glass jars is the best way to create a plastic-free kitchen. 

Glass containers with lids not only benefit the food stored inside but also spruces up your kitchen. Glass jars are a versatile option for pantry storage. Let us look at what ways these glass containers with lids can be used.

Glass Jars for Canning

When it comes to preserving jams, jellies, veggies and success, nothing other than glass jars is recommended. Apart from enhancing your kitchen, glass jars are truly beneficial for food storage.

Glass jars are best for pantry storage, as these do not leave chemicals into the food and beverages. They prevent moisture from entering and can be easily cleaned without holding the taste of stored food. In glass containers with lids, you can expect the food to be fresh and flavorful for a long time. 

Glass Jars for Spices

Spices are always kept within an arm’s reach in the kitchen. But nothing boils the blood than a moment when the dish is on the stove, and you cannot find the spice you are looking for. When stored in plastic containers, you keep on opening the lids to see what’s inside. After which, the countertop turns into a mess.

Not just it, the happenings in the kitchen are endless. You either end up pouring the wrong spice or more than required. Our Glass Spice Containers with Shaker and Lid would save you from every mishap. 

From common spices and herbs to your favourite seasonings, you can store anything you like. These glass spice jars with lids keep the spice fresh and flavorful, allow you to track the spice required easily, quickly dispense the spice, and add charm to the kitchen.

Glass Jars for Dry Food Storage

Various dry food staples like cereals, pasta, grains, and rice are found both in the kitchen and pantry. Some remain in the cabinets, whereas some lie outside because of less space. When stored in regular plastic containers, it takes a moment for moisture and pests to ruin all the staples. With such types of containers, even the pantry turns into clutter.

Black Bamboo Glass Storage Jars

Our Black Bamboo Glass Jar Set is an eco-friendly option for dry food storage. The limited space in your cabinets will not be a concern anymore, as you can easily stack these containers in the cabinet.

The set includes multiple sorts of sizes. Every container comes with an airtight bamboo lid that keeps the contents fresh, prevents pests and restricts the moisture from entering. These round glass containers with lids have wide openings that make scooping a cup easy and quick.

Glass Jars for Storing Baking Supplies

Flour, sugar, cocoa powder and other baking essentials mostly live on the countertop of every kitchen. So, how do you store your baking supplies? In the same plastic bags, they came in? Then your pantry must be looking no less than a mess.

These are best stored in large containers with airtight lids. The lid preserves their freshness for long and increases their shelf life. You can grab and scoop out the ingredients you want easily and keep track of the ones running low. 

Best Glass Jars For Pantry Storage at Pretty Little Designs

Glass jars are the best alternative to plastic in your kitchen. Along with making your kitchen fresh, beautiful and organized, these glass containers make it functional. Pretty Little Designs is home to a wide array of glass jars for pantry storage. You can choose from small to large containers with lids. 

Deanna Foster