In the kitchen, do you always struggle to make space before storing items? Does the counter space always remain cluttered? Does the most used item always get lost in the sea of jars now and then? Is the cabinet storage limiting you from storing your essentials? We know how irking it is to create space in the chaos.

Well, you need not redesign your entire space. We have listed some niftiest storage tricks that would double your kitchen space. Let us see what those are.

Storage Tricks

Use Airtight Clear Pantry Containers

Replace your old-fashioned, mismatched food storage containers and random snack bags with our set of push top pantry containers with an airtight lid. These gorgeous containers clear the chaos by adding uniformity, allow you to store more on the shelves and keep the ingredients fresh for a long time.

Hang a Pegboard

Instead of using the valuable shelf space in the cabinets, store your heavy kitchen utensils on a pegboard. Place pegboard on unused walls like above the sink or near the fridge. It even makes it easy to grab the utensil you want.

Stack in Baskets

While opening the cupboard door in the kitchen, do you feel like everything will topple onto the floor? If yes, then take it all out, sort the items, categorise, fill them into baskets, and arrange them on the cupboard shelves.

Place a Space-Saving Lazy Susan

Often most used kitchen items like sugar, spices, coffee, baking supplies either remain scattered on the countertop or get shifted to hard to reach corners of the cabinet. Well, here’s a solution. Place the rotating, two-tiered natural bamboo lazy susan. Just twirl it to get the item from the back in the front. It eliminates mess and doubles the space.

Use Risers for More Shelf Space

Utilise the empty vertical space in the cabinets by placing our two-tier rectangular shelf. It is the perfect solution to store more than the usual on a single shelf. You can use it for storing your dinnerware, jars or anything you like.

Do not Ignore the Door Space

Every inch of the kitchen adds to the storage, including the back of the door. Attach a rack to it for storing regular small kitchen items. It can even be used to store slender items like a chopping board.

Create Through Creativity

Apart from the storage tricks, here are some creative ways to make your kitchen look double and better.

Label the Items

Get our pack of cute vinyl labels for your kitchen containers. It not only allows you to find and see what is inside without spinning the jars but also organises the space to store more.

Paint the Walls

Changing the background colour of the kitchen makes it look instantly appealing, organised and bigger. You can go with bright colours, white colour or a mixture of white and bright to open the space visually.

Install Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces naturally tend to give a bigger kitchen feel. You can place mirrors, transform regular cabinet doors into the glass, switch to glass tiles or give a glossy finish to the furniture.

Prefer Open Shelves

If you have decluttered cupboard shelves, go for open shelving. It is another visual element for making the kitchen feel bigger and spacious. You can also try and see how it looks by removing the cabinet doors.


After incorporating these ways, your kitchen would never leave you starved for storage. Not just this, these tricks are sure to make your kitchen functional and prettier than before.

Deanna Foster